Celtic Non-Matchday Discussion



For real, bro?


Surely Roma v Chelsea is the tie of the night and will be shown ?


Man United vs Benfica




Roma and Chelsea is the game tomorrow night boys .


Every goal from every game from the unbeaten run. In terrific 1080p quality. Watching it in full screen is recommended:


Hat trick for Dembélé for the French Under 21s tonight.

Third goal is a cracker:


Boyata’s agent not taking calls from Celtic about a contract extension.


What kind of a contract is Boyata’s agent on with Celtic?


De Vries signed a 1-year extension today to push his contract expiry out to the end of next season.

Linked with Reading centre back Liam Moore.


We play Motherwell 3 times in 6 days starting with the league cup final on Sunday.

They’ll be sick of the sight of each other so they will


Another great Christmas ad production by the Celtic multimedia team.


Craig Gordon on Sky Spirts News with eyes like pissholes in snow .

Would they have been on the beer last night ?



Nah, it’s about average.


I’d say they had permission to have a few when they brought the cup back to Celtic Park. But there’s a league game tomorrow night against a Motherwell side who’ll be hell bent on revenge so I don’t think they would have gone overboard.

Dembélé is out of that game after the vicious assault in Sunday’s final.


Good call on Dembele . A few of the Motherwell hammer throwers might be seeking revenge on him .


Interesting thread on twitter by swissramble breaking down Celtic’s accounts


Interesting reading.

The wage increase is not all about new contracts though - the wages are very heavily performance based at Celtic and are linked to CL qualification, so they mirror the revenue.


Below is an email from one of the guys who goes over regularly to CP – it just made me want to cry

In keeping with a tradition of several years, myself and 70 other season book holders in Ireland made our season tickets available to the Celtic Foundation to facilitate residents of a men’s homeless shelter in Glasgow to attend last night’s game. Every year we are asked to provide details of Client Code, Name, Block Number, Row and Seat number to the Foundation so that the ticket office can print off physical paper tickets and drop them into the homeless shelter.

I learned today that neither my seat, or any of the 70 other seats offered to the Foundation, were used. On investigation i found out that on foot of the letter issued to season ticket holders last week, the ticket office refused to facilitate the Foundations request to print the tickets.

So yesterday the Celtic Foundation broke the news to the shelter that they would not be getting tickets. Meanwhile, stewards were harassing children into providing identification to justify use of under 16 tickets, while a 15 year old girl who attempted to gain access to the stadium using her sick brother’s season ticket was ordered to go to the ticket office and buy another ticket.

“A club like no other” indeed…