Celtic Non-Matchday Discussion


Jesus, that’s awful, I really hope this won’t be swept under the TFK carpet.


Ill never forget the time I went down to protest at a war criminal being on the Celtic Board and @Bandage went to the pub instead

that’s what you are dealing with


New home kit. I don’t like that white bit down the inner arm.

Player of the season awards dinner last night.

Scott Brown got the POTY from fans and players.

Tierney got YPOTY and goal of the year.


What goal was it? Aberdeen away or something?


League Cup at home to Killie when he drilled it in from 35-40 yards.


Ah yes. I’d forgotten that one. Woof.


PFA Awards last night:

POTY - Scott Brown (second player after Larsson to win the award twice).

YPOTY - Kieran Tierney (first player to win it three seasons in a row).

GOTY - Tierney v Kilmarnock.

MOTY - Jack Ross.


He’s been excellent in the games against Celtic this season.


Any news on transfers in or out @Rocko?

Edouard’s meant to be signing permanently.

Talk that Rogic will extend for 1 year only, like Armstrong did last summer.

Dembélé to Marseille?

It’s gas that the two main January signings, Compper and Musonda, have barely featured at all. It’s rumoured that Rodgers has been very underwhelmed by Compper’s efforts/standard in training, while I’m not sure what Musonda’s story is. Tabloid stories that Chelsea aren’t happy he’s not playing and the loan will be cut short in the summer.


I’ve just read that Scott Bain signed a 4-year deal today.


Bumped for @Rocko.

Charly Musonda, we hardly knew you. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi2VuUIBTWC/


I hope you’re going to “unfollow” him mate.


It’s always tricky with loanees. I don’t follow Musonda but I do follow Roberts. Loanees need to show enough on the pitch to warrant the follow, but then you bond with them and they’re away.


Kris Ajer signed a 4-year deal the other day too, and not a word from @Rocko.


I think he’s been busy writing a testimonial/character reference for a neighbour of his from his youth in the last couple of days.




I’ve just arranged for Tom Rogic to sign a new long term deal. Apologies for lack of updates recently but @messiloney and I were working hard on this behind the scenes.


My goodness.


Great stuff.

The Wizard is a top class operator.


That’s a terrific couple of contract extensions in fairness.

Very impressed with Rogic lately. He had a horror show against Hibs was it but he got in great positions that day and he’s been far more effective at finding space this season. Needs to work on his possession game in Europe but he’ll have lots of chances to do that as we stroll through the group stages of the Champions League next season.