Celtic Non-Matchday Discussion

The first game of split no? Think there’s 2 fixtures including a midweek before the fourth?

I dunno rocko. He just seems to punt at no great pace down the wing, cut inside and misplaced a pass. You’d be delighted to be marking him.


Conan Byrne on X: “Some weekend in our house. From covering the Shels v Bohs game at Tolka, it was straight home to gather our things to meet the chariot in town for an epic journey to Celtic Park. For anyone interested in a thread of the experience, read below. Something that may interest you…” / X (twitter.com)


That was a bad prediction by me above. Fixtures announced today:


Huns at home third game rather than second. Away to Dundee & Killie, as expected, as we’ve played both home twice already. So there’s the shit Dens Park bog & Killie’s plastic monstrosity where Celtic have lost twice already this season. Third time lucky, right? Can’t really complain with the order of the games. Have lost to Hearts home & away in the league already too so need to put that right. I’ll be in Scotland tomorrow ON BUSINESS so will report back on the mood.


Wouldn’t fancy sobering up in a Turkish cell.

Michael they have taken you away……


Maeda has confounded the medical team & miraculously overcome the hamstring tendon injury. He’s back in light training, will miss Sunday at Dundee but will be available after that.


Scales has signed a 4-year deal to take him to 2028. Interesting one. He’s regressed to the mean since Christmas but would have been out of contract in the summer, I think.

Maeda has been training all week.

Forrest has done us a turn recently but I’d be wary of the misty-eyed, romantic stuff. I think he’s largely been ineffective for a few seasons & I wouldn’t want/expect him to propel us to the title. I’d prefer Maeda pinning back defenders over the coming weeks than Forrest or Yang. I’d be fine with Forrest coming on & scoring/assisting though.

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Scales is where Celtic are at these days.

Yeah, some folk would say “okay if he’s not going to be first choice”.

Then others would counter “but we need to raise the bar & sign better whether we’re talking first team or squad players”.

Then someone would say “but we can’t expect rafts of good players to be happy to come to the SPFL, especially as squad players”.

And someone would say “but we can surely use our resources better than we have been doing, as clubs in similarly shit leagues with less resources are signing better players”.

It’s a tale as old as time.

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dang, was hoping one of the big German clubs came in for him & Rovers would get 10%

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What’s German for hod carrier ?

unsere goldene Gans

If Celtic do win the league then Lawell and co are vindicated for the lack of spending and quality , they have got the job done and have shown a real knowledge of what it takes to win the league.

Yeah I’m somewhere around those points too. I don’t think he’s good enough, I’m not sure he’s even good enough to be a backup but he has some decent games earlier in the season and probably makes sense to keep him if he’s not costing much.