☘ Celtic transfer window summer 2019

Is he Italian-Irish? He’ll be right up @Cicero_Dandi’s street

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Who’s Crowe?




Young right back at Ipswich

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I like his style, a real Gladiator of a player

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He will have the football, in this life or the next

Oh dear.

Very unprofessional

Celtic or the agent ?

Nowt wrong with that hair

Lawwell probably offered him minimum wage.

Hard to know what’s fair here but going public like that suggests Celtic won’t be changing their offer and also they do believe it was a decent offer.

No way we can pay him more than the likes of Christie etc so up to him now I guess.

It looks very bad on the club. You think they would be trying to change perceptions but no.

If the agent is touting him to English clubs which seems to be the case then I think it’s perfectly acceptable. This is about whether the player and his agent want to take the deal or want to hold out for English money on the basis of one season.

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Using Twitter to whinge about matters is embarrassing. We’re now unwilling to make minimal punts on SPL players.



I can’t believe there are idiots out there backing the board over this, after the embarrassment they made of the club over McGinn last year which ultimately led to Rodgers walking down the line to this. If they made Turnbull a fantastic offer, he’d have signed by now. I’m not bothered about missing out on him, I don’t think he’d add much to what we already have but it’s the whole message it sends out.

What player with ambition would want to join Celtic now? They can’t even convince a 19 year old SPL player to sign and claim to have made him a fantastic offer! We’ve got a manager who got shown the road at Hibs last season and who is nothing more than a yes man who will do anything as he already knows he is completely out of his depth.

There are some gobshites who will lick up any sort of shit Lawwell throws them.

McGinn chose money in England. Fair play to him but we can’t just pay people whatever they want.

Turnbull has no guarantee of money elsewhere. His agent has been touting him to English clubs, none of whom have agreed the transfer fee yet. He’s driving to force Celtic into overpaying and I’m happy that we’re not overpaying him. I won’t be surprised if he still joins. It would be better if this didn’t happen but not much can be done about it if he wants more money than he’s worth to us.

Is Turnbull a dob?