Celtic Transfer Windows 2022 & 2023




Article says Celtic think they can get him for £3.6m

€33m :face_with_monocle:

We’ll give you 10%!

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It’s called a release clause. The young kid at Barca has one at €1bn.

An intimidating figure like @Corksfinedtboy will be leading the negotiating for Celtic it seems.

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A release amount on the release clause??

If someone pays the money, the team cannot reject the bid. Spanish and Brazilian clubs for instance are required to have release clauses in players contracts so generally they inflate them up

10 highest release clauses in football:

=10. Sergi Roberto - Barcelona - €500m

=10. Gerard Pique - Barcelona - €500m

=10. Gareth Bale - Real Madrid - €500m

=7. Marco Asensio - Real Madrid - €700m

=7. Isco - Real Madrid - €700m

=7. Vinicius Jr - Real Madrid - €700m (via BeIN Sports )

=4. Brahim Diaz - Real Madrid - €750m

=4. Federico Valverde - Real Madrid - €750m

=4. Luka Modric - Real Madrid - €750m

  1. Antoine Griezmann - Barcelona - €800m

  2. David Alaba - Real Madrid - €850m (via Der Spiegel)

  3. Karim Benzema - Real Madrid - €1bn

Pedri now has a €1bn release clause too I think.

Wrong man

If u mean an old cranky guy that’s me ( at times AKA one who doesn’t give a fuck at this stage)
But intimidating no

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Looks like he could be a great bit of business, versatile, similar to Kyogo, top scorer in the J League at present, relatively young and suited to Ange’s game.

Obviously we need midfielders but I’d be delighted with this. That for me spells the end of the road for Ajeti.

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Don’t know who this guy is but he seems to be some Japanese football expert.

That lad looks class.

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Starfeldt is improving. It must have been very hard on him for the first while. I hope he continues to get better.

Delighted with this signing.

Gives us real good depth in the wide areas.

Giakoumakis, Kyogo and Maeda could play centrally.

Then you’d have Kyoko, Abada, Forrest, Mikey, Jota and Maeda capable of covering the wings.

Loads of goals in that attack.

Obviously we could be jumping the gun here but what’s the verdict - is this legit or are the media just putting 2+2 together and guessing?

Anyone reliable confirming it?

That chap you linked to above has also mentioned Kyogo to Southampton so hopefully he’s a bullshitter

I don’t know. Himself and CCV aren’t good enough and are bombscares but we should have enough in attack to get by. They will do for this seaosn but I think we need much better players here. Hopefully Jullien will come in shortly and move CCV out.