Celtic v Dundee United

Commons and Hooper are available for tomorrow’s game but Forrest is struggling with the illness that saw him rested for the cup tie last weekend.

Majstorovic is due to return to training on Monday and Lustig will be available after this weekend too. He’s nearly up to full speed after playing a few practice games.

I’d go with the following team tomorrow:


Subs: Zaluska, Samaras, K Wilson, McCourt, Commons, McGeouch, Cha.

I’d go for the same team but with Samaras in ahead of Brown if everyone is available, should Forrest not make it I’d like to see Brown come in. I notice there is no place for Ki in your squad Bandage, is he unavailable?

Ah, I knew I was forgetting someone. I’d stick Ki on the bench in place of Wilson or Cha.

Cha, please. I would like to see us go 4-3-1-2 tomorrow at some point tomorrow with Commons playing off Stokes and Hooper.

It’s the first real time that someone is going to miss out in midfield other than Ki. Even with Kayal missing we still have an extra body - though Lennon might be tempted to move Wanyama back and that way he’d get away with playing Ledley and Brown flanked by Forrest and Samaras. I’d leave Brown out I think but it’s a tough call.

Bandage must be psychic as Ki is not in the squad today. Good to see young Keatings on the bench.

Jelavic has scored for them bastards. :angry:

CELTIC (4-4-2) Forster; Matthews, Rogne, Mulgrew, Izaguirre; Brown, Wanyama, Ledley, Samaras; Hooper, Stokes
Subs: Zaluska, Cha, K. Wilson, McCourt, Commons, Ki, Keatings

Ki’s on the bench all right, Totti. Forrest hasn’t overcome his illness so I imagine it’ll be Sammy on the left and Brown narrow on the right. Great to see Izzy back in the side.

Jesus, that is embarrassing, his name is so small you’d almost miss it and in my complacency, I did miss it.

It’s good to see Commons back as well, hopefully he can regain some form!

Bandage, would you also please post a stream up if you find one.



Very sluggish and sloppy start here from Celtic.

Ah lovely. Stokes… Hooper… bang…1-0

Hoops there it is.


Lovely finish by Hooper. Great assist by Stokes. :clap:

Lads, do you reckon I will ever get an apology from Farmer for laughing at my post where I said Stokes was the most in-form Irish striker available?

The pass from Stokes was perfectly weighted and an emphatic finish from Hooper. The defending was really generous though.


Oh, oh.



Wow. Wanyama is some fucking player. What a header. :clap: