Celtic v Rangers - Saturday, 12.30pm

Go on then.


What are we expecting?


Carter Vickers



Maeda or Abada is probably the biggest decision to be made and will likely affect where Jota plays. Expect to see Giakoumakis, Turnbull and Abada (Maeda) around the hour.

Would Oreilly make it in the english premier league?

He seems to be a cut above the spl from what I’ve seen

Yep, think 10/11 starting slots are nailed down and it’s just whether Maeda or Abada starts. I think Jota is more dangerous on the left and we played our best game against them last season in the 3-0 when Jota and Abada started. But Maeda offers plenty too so I’m okay with whatever.

I’ve been busy - did the huns sign or sell anyone this week?

When did it convert back to Rangers from Sevco?

No they didn’t.

Their fans aren’t best pleased. I imagine the directors who gave them loans have decided they want their money back now they can have it, instead of allowing them to invest further.

They’re missing Tom Lawrence today.

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Not expecting a repeat of the 3-0 February game. No way der hun will be that open so expecting a Europe style performance from them and waiting for an opposition mistake. Hopefully I’m wrong and with Kyogo and Jota in form I may very well be. Maeda to start with GG, Abada in reserve, both running hard at a tiring defence. Mooy looked like he was getting up to speed last week so he might have a big 15/20 minutes to play. 10-0 Celtic😀

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Great to see Clifford and a few more able to go to the game. Wouldn’t have happened only for the split season.

Scotland’s top flight has the unpredictability of the University Boat Race. A damning indictment of the League of Scotland.

Quite similar to the epl over the last 5 years tbh

1 team dominating with 4 wins

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They’re one of the best teams in Europe and it seemed quite petty to persist with the Sevco/Newco jibes. It’s actually quite remarkable that such a small population is sustaining two powerhouses, and a real tribute to the League of Scotland.

Indeed. I’ve even seen the League of Scotland compared to a competition as prestigious and historic as the University Boat Race. High praise indeed.


Probably more of a question for the hipster footix set - but are there many domestic leagues worldwide that have been won by the standard bearers from just two stadiums for 37 consecutive seasons?

Will you be in attendance at Celtic Park today?

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This is for you

I will indeed. I’m concluding a sub standard Scottish breakfast on Hope Street just now before making my way east.