Celtic vs Huns - Skol Cup Final

This is on Sunday at 3pm in Hampden Park, Glasgow. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t care too much about a League Cup Final but playing the huns adds all the spice required. I hope Strachan decides to have a go at them and chooses an attacking side rather than picking a team to match up physically with them, like he did in the league recently.

I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if he dropped both Crosas and McGeady and definitely expect one of them to be left on the bench. I reckon he’ll play Crosas and Hartley and move Scott Brown wide and leave out McGeady. But I wouldn’t discount Caldwell lining up in midfield either! There’s also the option of playing one upfront given Jan and Sammy are playing terribly recently and playing a fluid 4-3-3/4-5-1 but Strachan’s always gone 4-4-2 against them.

Skol Cup final. Good one Bandage :smiley:

Was expecting a preview like who beat who to get the final etc.

Apologies Shan.

I think Celtic progressed as follows:

Livingston (H), 4-0: Loovens, Samaras x2, Brown.

Kilmarnock (A), 1-3: Some cunt, Nakamura, McGeady.

Dundeed United (N), 0-0 aet, 11-10 on penalties.

I might have missed a round. I may have some stuff wrong. I can’t remember who scored against Killie. Fook it, it’s the Skol Cup.

Dunno who the huns beat other than Falkirk in the semi-final.

when was the last time Celtic bet the huns in a cup final - 1989?

Yep, a long time ago indeed.

fookin hell- thats a disgrace

did you get tickets bandage, I heard there were tickets available today as an extra 2,000 tickets were allocated to Celtic, try ringing the TO.

No, and I pretty much accepted my fate yesterday as flights back are ridiculously expensive. We’re going to go to the final league derby at the shithole instead. What’s your story for Sunday?

Not going myself but any of the lads i usually go with all got tickets! wish i booked flights now.
Prob just watch in the Binn or at home!
Heading over to Hamilton and Aberdeen games before the split, will prob head to ipox after the split, depending on the date as have a few things on in April/May.

This Celtic team line-up is floating around the 'net and comes from an ‘official source’ apparently:

Hinkel, Loovens, McManus, O’Dea,
Brown, Hartley, Caldwell, McGeady,

Obviously, it might only be speculation but it would be a pretty cowardly selection. A 5-man midfield without Crosas and Caldwell shunted into midfield, which has never worked, and the introduction of Loovens. Again, it would be a team showing too much respect to the huns instead of going out and playing our own game.

Get a load of Chris Sutton!


Ex-Canary Chris Sutton facing FA probe after youth match

Former football star Chris Sutton faced an FA disciplinary inquiry last night after being accused of storming on to the pitch during a youth game in which his son was playing and confronting the 16-year-old referee.

The Norfolk County Football Association confirmed the 10m rated ex-Norwich City striker and England international had been reported for misconduct by the young referee, and that a charge would be brought.

The game - between two under 14 year old sides from Sheringham - was being run under the auspices of the Respect programme, which is designed to combat unacceptable behaviour in the game at all levels, both on the pitch and from the sidelines.

The charge comes after the game between Sheringham Youth and Sheringham Warriors last Sunday boiled over when a penalty was awarded against the Warriors.

Norfolk County FA football administration officer Richard King said in a statement: We have had a referee’s report and other reports about the match Chris Sutton attended last weekend.

He has been reported for misconduct by the referee.

In due course on the basis of what we have received, a charge will be levied against Mr Sutton.

He will have the opportunity to respond to the charge in line with FA disciplinary procedures.

Depending on the response from Mr Sutton the County FA has the power to take what action they feel is appropriate in relation to the charge.

Parents of children registered with youth clubs are considered to be part of the club.

A parent who was watching the game said a penalty was awarded for a foul on Mr Sutton’s son.

The penalty, said the parent, was given six minutes before time by the teenage referee - and was the correct decision.

But Mr Sutton went on to the field to remonstrate with the referee because he also wanted the player sent off.

A verbal altercation ensued, which included swearing in front of the under 14s playing the game, added the parent.

After concerns the match might be called off if Mr Sutton did not leave the field of play, including discussion between the referee and a league official who was at the scene, the situation was resolved and the game finished 5-3 in favour of the Warriors.

The parent who witnessed the incident added last night, that considering this game was being run under the Respect rules he felt someone like Chris Sutton should have set an example.

This type of incident was not uncommon at youth level, added the parent: The managers and coaches understand, they know to keep their mouths shut. It is the parents who are ruining it.

Mr Sutton had a successful playing career with Norwich in the early 1990s, scoring 43 league and cup goals in 127 appearances including the famous UEFA Cup win over Bayern Munich in 1993, and attracted a then record transfer deal of 5m when he moved to Blackburn, where he found success and further fame.

The 36 year old moved to Chelsea for 10m, had a relatively short stay, and then a successful move north of the border to Celtic in 2000. He finished his career back in England with Birmingham and Aston Villa.

He won one England cap in 1997. He now lives in north Norfolk.

Last night Chris Sutton declined to comment.

Right, Strachan’s chosen the team that I posted yesterday. Talk about a mobile central midfield with Hartley and Caldwell. Anyway, it remains to be seen whether McGeady or Naka plays off the striker. The bench is: Brown (GK), Samaras, Crosas, Hesselink, Wilson.

I’m really annoyed with that team selection. With Jan and Samaras both having awful spells, playing a 5-man midfield is justifiable if we can get Naka and Aiden on the ball in advanced areas. But the person to feed them was Crosas.

Playing Hartley in there with Crosas would have allowed Crosas to concentrate on creativity with Hartley spoiling and sitting in front of the defence. However, I can’t fathom why he’s decided to play two defensive midfielders (one a centre back). Taking Caldwell, our best defender, out of the defence and bringing in Loovens, who’s been pretty poor on the whole, is odd too.

Fooking hell - I’m hoping it works out but I can’t say I’m confident given the experience of Aalborg and Hibernian when we’ve gone this way. It’s a fearful selection in truth.

Fook it, 'mon the hoops.

Trust Strachan to try out a midfield and striker combination that’s never played before in a cup final and against the huns.

Our front 6 is like this:

Nakamura, Brown, Caldwell, Hartley,

Hartley hasn’t played wide right since his spell with Hearts. It was even enough for the first 30 minutes, but then Celtic got on top for 10 minutes and Scott Brown’s had a couple of efforts.

The huns came into it late on and Boruc made a good save just before half time. Lou Macari noticed that McGeady isn’t playing wide left after about 40 minutes - he’s a complete and utter idiot. Aiden’s having a bit of joy when he drifts wide though.

Our best period was when Naka came infield and got little passing triangles going and Aiden drifted wide into the space he vacated, with Brown bombing on. We need to get that passing football going again after half time. Like with every derby, first goal will be the key.

Magic. 20 years was too long since beating those cunts in a cup final. As McGeady said, it doesn’t get any better than scoring against the huns in a final victory. It must be the stuff that dreams are made of for both of them. McGeady’s runs and skills in extra time really took the piss out of them - he was brilliant for the penalty - and O’Dea took his header beautifully.

Celtic thoroughly deserved that and we steamrollered through them in extra time and they looked like a very old team by the end. It could have been 4 or 5 and Scott Brown gave a powerhouse performance in midfield.

O’Dea was very assured at left back and hopefully that goal will open the door for him to really push on at Celtic and establish himself in the first team. I still think we should have picked a more ‘footballing’ team and there were periods in the second half where we had possession but not the quality in midield to open them up.

But winning is the only thing in these games and it doesn’t matter how it happens, as long as it does. Great stuff Celtic. :smiley:

Very disappointed with that, we just never got a proper grip on the game. Congrats to the Tims but we’ll be back.

All hail O’Dea and McGeady.

Sons of Saint Patrick banishing the huns trophyless from Hampden on the weekend before his feast day.




3 heroic Irish patriots.

How is McGeady a son of Saint Patrick, he was born and reared in Scotland…Just because he plays soccer for Ireland makes him about as Irish as Andy Townsend, Ray Houghton and Lee Carsley…

Take your bittnernes elsewhere, you hun loving cunt.

He plays on the left,
He plays on the right,
Aiden McGeady,
Makes the huns look shite.

What a day for Ireland.