Census 2022

Please log your Census memories in anticipation of the big night on April 3rd


Got the form today. Looking forward to this one.

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We got ours last week. The census lad had no fear anyway. Mid 60’s id say. He put one foot in the door - and was asking for the eircode with no N95 mask on.

A right dangerous bastard.


Superspreader !!

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I asked the invigilator did she want a cup of tae and she said they are not allowed enter the house in the current climate.

I was hoping to pick her brains regarding process and procedure.

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The census filling coincides with my birthday so I’ll tear into it after a feed of porter

Same here, had a card in the door as we missed him last week arrived today and first thing he asked “is that a Limerick flag?” (Planted in the garden). I picked up on the seething tone straight away and he (Noel) said he was from Tipp, then said ye’re not having a good league, ah shure look it says I after winning 3 of the last 4 and doing back to back we’re only interested in the 3 in a row and we’re not bothered with the league, he then spat out looking for the Eircode which I duly gave took the form, wished him well and he took off🤣


I was an enumerator back around 2002 I’d say. I was having difficulties tracking one particular rustic but spotted his van outside the Abbey Bar wan Monday evening and rocked in.

The very man says I which upon reflection might have stopped the poor hoor’s heart.
The census form needs filling says I and I’m the man for it. A couple of pints later we knuckled down.

DOB was about Q5 and we’re immediately stuck. 1927 says my man….Good says I but day and month…
Fuck off Boxty says he - I can’t help you there. Grand says I, we’ll call it 05/04/1927 and it’ll be your birthday today. We motored through the rest of it (or truthfully most of it) over a few convivial pints.

He won’t be called on this time sadly, a decent oul’ sort. RIP.


The amount of clowns who will tweet/share what their young kid has drawn on the blank page will be off the charts
Twitter might collapse under the strain


A census taker once tried to test me.
I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice large bottle of Phoenix.


What about the selfies of the parents who are expecting their first kid and are pictured looking quizzically at the children part of the form while also holding up a scan image of their unborn… Fuck off

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The guidance is clear:

Good to see the CSO adopting a no-nonsense approach to gender.


Probably put in there to clarify that shite from the millenniums around us.

Holy war there on newstalk about it during the week. The usual crew were demanding about 15 different variations

My census man rang the gate… before I could pick up he’d it rang a second time. Demanding to come down to the house. For what I enquired. Census Enumerator he announced boldly. Leave it in the post box. It won’t take me a minute he says. I’d rather you left it in the post box. Sure I’m here now… Grand so…

In he comes, hops out of his car, big shake hands as he introduces himself… Martin something-or-other. A retired school teacher sort.

And how are you today, he asks, proud as punch, looking around about, surveying everything, in keeping with his nosey little bollix outlook…

I’m in the middle of a heavy dose of the Covid says I…

Martin realised at that moment he was no longer in his classroom.


From a pure statistics pov I was surprised there wasn’t an “Other” option.

Or a “Cork” option


The fella you have stationed in the gate lodge needs to start pulling his weight.

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Like the fella that fell asleep in Martinstown :rofl:

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