Champions League Final

I’ll be supporting the Germans in this one despite the possible implications on the fourth Serie A champions league place.

Both sides are chasing the first treble in their history.

Ribery is suspended for Bayern, while Inter have Thiago Motta suspended.

The Germans have been far more effictive… or sorry, efficient… No wait, effective… No, efficient…


Did Van Gaal attempt to have a pop off Mourinho in the press conference or something today?
the guys on off the ball were trying to explain this whilst i was making a reckless swerve from the N7 southbound onto the belgard road tonite on my way to the match


Yes, Kevin was talking shite again, which isn’t really a surprise. Van Gaal recognised in his press conference today that there’s better teams in Europe and they’ve capitalised on some luck to get to the final. That’s not to say they don’t deserve to be at this stage though and I hope they win it now. But ‘efficient’ is hardly the word to describe their route to the final - you’d associate that with a straighforward progression to the final where their advancement was never in doubt. That could only be said for their semi final against Lyon given they struggled to emerge from the initial group phase and were on the verge of going out deep into the second half in both Florence and Manchester where they were saved by two pieces of individual brilliance by Robben rather than a collective efficiency.

He spoke about Mourinho’s tactical prowess in setting up teams defensively and then went on about how he’s always promoted a more attacking philosophy himself. Mourinho thought it was a backhanded compliment and said it was like ‘someone throwing sand in your eyes’. Not too big a deal really.

I’ll be supporting Bayern despite my distaste for the club and my love for Borussia Dortmund and my adoration for FC St Pauli and my fondness for VFB Stuttgart and Werder Bremen, all of whom despise Bayern.

I have to say I’ve a little bit of time for Louis, I remember watching him storming off the pitch 3 years ago when AZ lost the league on the final day and he decided the players had let him down. Me and Bandage were laughing about it at the time (back when we were good buddies who used to do things together) and I presumed at the time he’d just fuck off on AZ and not hang around. But he did in fairness to him and he won them their league title.

Now he had a rocky start at Bayern, he made some unbelievably definitive statements at the start of his time there (e.g. Tymoschuck won’t be in my starting eleven, I know my strongest team for the season already) but he’s backed them up with a domestic double and a CL final in his first year. That’s an extraordinary achievement. And while it hasn’t been plain sailing he does have his team playing with belief and in the games against Manchester United he was way ahead of Ferguson in reacting to developments on the pitch in both legs. Indeed, some would say he had an influence on Ferguson picking an injured Rooney in the second game.

Anyway he’s an excellent coach who’s a bit of a prick sometimes, a bit like the other prick I suppose. Except he’s that bit more expansive so I’ll be supporting Bayern.

I like Bayern this year, a very controlled team, young, hungry and have that typical German resoluteness. Inter are a fine team but i hope the Nazi’s do it. They dislike the jew, so i’ll be going for them.

Fuck both of them, I hope neither of them win.

Though on balance, that won’t work, so here’s to a Bayern win.

(Chcocolate Mice, do you want to reply with some raised eyebrows please. You seem to be on raised eyebrow smiley duty this week. Make sure you are fully bent over when doing so, NCC has to try to get fully up your clacker).


Thats disappointing.

A bit like yourself…


Some would be very wrong if they said that. Rooney was always going to play in that game if they could get him on the pitch. I think what Fergie saw of Berbatov throughout the season (including in the most crucial game of the league season the previous weekend) would have been slightly more of an influence than anything Van Gaal said or did. In any case, I’d argue that playing Rooney was influential in putting United in a strong position that night, and certainly not the reason for the ultimate failure. Possibly the most overpriced midfielder in the history of football putting in his usual shite performance in a big game and an inexperienced right back making a stupid mistake, as well as the brilliance of Robben, were the main factors.

I’m for Inter tonight. I like Mourinho, Sneijder and Zanetti.

I think Inter will make a show of Bayern here tonight. Bayerns new jersey is shite.

Anyone got a link?

Robben causing Inter some problems. They should just make a few dirty tackles on him as he will go off as usual.

Thought that was a brilliantly worked corner and the pass back enabled Robben to get vicious inswinging pace on the ball. Maicon had his hand up and ity should have been a penalty.

Forgot to say my belated prediction is Inter 2 Bayern 0 - Pandev (39) and Milito (84)

Bayern always fuck around with their colours every season. What’s the story? Why don’t they just stick to their traditional kit which is all red? - like Liverpool.

Talk of bayerns jersey during the match is showing how boring this match is. Inter playing like they ahead i.e. everyone behind the ball.