Champions League Round of 16

I mean in terms of banning them, stopping what they do re spending


That’s one shite offering tonight.


Grim stuff. There’d be more interesting games in the Championship tonight on TV.


Potential banana skin this evening you’d fear

Desperate shit. We used to have a proper tournament.

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Madrid and copenhagen the only genuine cluns there

Game of the year here between Red Bull and Madrid. Serious quality

This laddie on the goal for Madrid wouldn’t fill me with confidence.

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What Pep has done with Nathan Ake is nothing short of astonishing

Its a pity. The champions league really is at a low ebb. Those fixtures tonight are realistically terrible.

Just off the top of my head in the 2005 renewal of the Round of 16 you had Juve v Real Madrid, Milan v Man United, Bayern Munich v Arsenal and Chelsea v Barcelona. Absolutely iconic ties.

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The Champions League is in danger of going the way of the FA Cup.

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Money ruins all sport eventually.


I said for years the away goals rule was one of the best rules in sport. It was what made first legs watchable. I watched about 40 seconds of that game, not consecutively.


Outstanding result away in Copenhagen, that last pass from KDB for Foden will go down in the annals of the Champions league

Slight fancy for Real Socidead tonight

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Champions League is very dull this season. Thank god the greatest league in the world is back on Friday. Real football.

The guy writing the captions on VM coverage accompanying the half time analysis is trying way to hard.

“Sane not the man, eh?”