Champions League - Round of 8


About time he got on with his life and spent a bit of time with his wife and kids at this stage.


Barca were denied a stonewaller


When they do get around to the deferred coverage in Australia, you’ll be very disappointed in the conduct and behaviour of your hero Buffon. You’ve had a tough couple of weeks with your sporting heroes. Innocence shattered forever. First Steve Smith, David Warner and the Australian cricket team, now this. Never meet your heroes.


I’ve just scanned through over 300, most Circular thread ever, same old bullshit over and over,

Didn’t look like a penno to me on a phone screen anyway, I’ll need to look closer later on, haven’t seen what Buffon did


He was pushed on the back before the defender wraps his leg around to play the ball… It was a peno… If it happened up the other end you’d just have the same fellas arguing in reverse.


It was soft but it was directly in the refs line of sight.


It was a pen. Vasquez made a meal of it but Oliver - unusually for him - made the correct decision.

Red card justified too, Buffon barged straight into the ref so he had no choice but to dismiss him.

Sad way to end but both decisions were correct.


Wasn’t a penalty
Wasn’t a red card


I’ve seen them given as the saying goes.


Do you slavishly hang on every word of Mr Agnelli?


I recall Italy receiving a penalty in injury for a blatant dive in the round of 16 game vs Australia at the 2006 World Cup. I wonder was this cheating in @Cicero_Dandi 's eyes?


that was a clear penalty you clown


ITALY’S 2006 World Cup ‘‘diver’’ against the Socceroos has admitted he ‘‘accentuated a little bit’’ to earn a match-winning penalty.

Defender Fabio Grosso inisted that a controversial challenge by Socceroo Lucas Neill deserved a penalty.

Speaking to Australian media for the first time in an exclusive interview with new magazine Football +, Grosso justified his dramatic tumble in Stuttgart because he felt a touch by Neill and was tired after an exhausting match.

“It’s been a long time since 2006 but I say this with as much sincerity as I possibly can,” Grosso told the magazine. “In this instance when Neill slid in, maybe I accentuated it a little bit.

“However you must remember it was the last minute of an extremely difficult game and everyone was tired.”

Australian fans require no reminder of the incident that occurred in the dying seconds of the Round of 16 match – many claiming the Azzurri star dived to win the penalty.

Grosso burst into Australia’s penalty box to spark a slide tackle by Neill that prompted the Italian to tumble over the prone Australian.

For the Italian defender, with his team playing with 10 men after fellow defender Marco Materazzi had been sent off earlier in the game, the consequence of the challenge was clear.

“I felt the contact so I went down,” Grosso told Football +.

“Therefore, I say again, I didn’t initiate it … It’s true that I felt the touch and didn’t have the strength to go forward. Some people believe me and some don’t. However for me, even after seeing the video images, it’s a penalty.”

“I admit that it wasn’t glamorous but it wasn’t a scandal.”

The resulting penalty scored by Francesco Totti destroyed Australia’s chances of contesting the World Cup final.

However, Grosso said Australia had been one of Italy’s tougher opponents during its 2006 World Cup campaign

“Their technical and tactical quality was very good,” Grosso said. “We knew they were good but they showed they are quality players.”


We had a player incorrectly sent off and had to play with 10 men for most of the second half before we were awarded the stonewall peno late on.

I don’t know how people can say last night was a penalty when multiple replay angles and still frames fail to show any contact between Benatia and Vazquez.


can you quote a few Italian newspapers views on the incident as well now mate


It’s clearly a penalty. If you get fouled in the box you’re right to go down or you won’t get the penalty


Its because the Italian Community on TFK continually destroy them in arguments and they are so bitter they will lie to try and irk us


Boycott needs to stick to rugby and cricket.

Neill goes to ground, Grosso cuts inside and is tripped by Neill.


I don’t speak Italian or understand it. Do your own research.


You don’t even understand the rules.