Champions League - Round of 8



You are an imposter


the brits circling the wagons


I just posted up the view in Australia on that incident in the 2006 World Cup. Evidently the feel they same sense of injustice in Australia on that penalty that Juventus (incorrectly) feel about the awarding of the penalty night or the same sense of injustice that Liverpool fans feel about a penalty incorrectly awarded to Juventus against Gary Gillespie in the 1985 final.


Just watched the incident again. Varquez should have been booked for diving.


You are a sick cunt bringing up heysel

What is wrong with you?

LFC fans want to forget about 85 , they don’t feel aggrieved


That’s a serious clamping. These pretend Italian eejits don’t even know the basic rules of the game.


admins, it looks like hislop still has posting rights



You didn’t see fit to respond or take umbrage to the comments that Liverpool fans @Sidney and @TheUlteriorMotive or Liverpool hater @dodgy_keeper had to make about the Heysel tragedy and you make scurrilous and unfounded accusations against me when I hadn’t said a word about the Heysel tragedy. You’re not stalking any of those three though. Disgusting carry on out of you using the Heysel tragedy to wage the personal grudge that you have against me. You were at the same thing on Sunday night, trying to score points against me over the death of former Laois footballer Mick Jones who I had said that I knew personally. What’s wrong with you?


You’d really expect a good defender not to commit such a risky tackle in that situation, but I guess with Buffon rooted to the spot, and the high pressured scenario, he felt he had to get something on it. Still, it wasnt a sitter given how it had bounced up and would have taken a bit of work to direct it goalwards you’d have felt. Sport is great though.


That was a very clear penalty mate.


No push, his hand is not extended. How do you push someone with an elbow at 90 degrees?



The stress is so much you’ve had to take a day off? Tough break.


Nope. Good to see you have had to cut from your routine while I have been able to maintain mine.


What’s ‘cut from your routine’ mean before I can reply?


You have had to severely cut your posting and time spent on here due to the lens being focused on it. There’s now a massive contrast in your pre and post focus on your posting during work hours. The proof is in the pudding and it won’t last. You’re a dosser.


Even in your own photo of it above, Benatia has kicked through Lucas’s arm and he’s pushing on his back. If Buffon had stayed on instead of attacking the ref he might have saved it.


No he hasn’t.

The gravitation of the ball is toward the keeper, where Vazquez is moving toward, it would need substantial force to knock him over.

Benatia has hooked his foot around Vazquez and played the ball. The referee’s decision is wholly wrong.