Champions League - Round of 8


Wouldn’t it be brilliant if jupp heynckes came back and won another treble for Bayern after being hounded out after winning the treble for baldy pep four years ago. God knows what he’d have done with that team if he stayed.


You’re veering even further off topic, mate.

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Tis no wonder Fagan fucked off…dear fuck.


You should make a stand with him and folllow suit.


there is lads on here posting 24/7, they don’t work or anything, its fascinating to watch, TFK is all they have in their lives


Neither are Glasgow Celtic. They’re not Italian either. Strange that you support them.


Who are Glasgow Celtic?

Do you mean Celtic Football Club, the Irish football side based in Glasgow?


The desperation to belong to a ‘gang’ from some of the posters on this thread is pathetic. :joy:


I was addressing the point that @Matty_Hislop had raised and was correct on. I’ve no idea what point you are making.


You’re compounding @Matty_Hislop’s refusal to deal with the point.

I suspect there’s more than a touch of bitterness still there among the forum’s Tottenham faction that your team went out to Juventus and this is driving the irrational rush to justify Wednesday night’s injustice.

You won’t get that sort of bitterness from Liverpool supporters should we lose out to Roma.


Surprising that longstanding Michael Oliver admirer @Rocko hasn’t endorsed the correct decisions that he made at the Bernabeu on Wednesday night and leapt to his defence in light of the highly defamatory and scurrilous comments that have been made about him here.


Indeed, and the juve fans have short memories about dodgy last minute penos given to them or, indeed, bent refs


They need only go back to their last CL tie in the Juve stadium where a clear penalty was denied after a foul on Cuadrado, or the tie before that against Spurs when a clear penalty for Juve was waved away when Douglas Costa was hacked down by Vertonghen. They have every right to be aggrieved about the disgraceful decision last week.


Form a legal perspective, could Buffon be done for inciting hatred or defamation? He’s still standing over his outrageous comments.

Police are investigating threatening text messages sent to the wife of Premier League referee Michael Oliver.

Oliver awarded a last-minute penalty as Real Madrid knocked Juventus out of the Champions League on Wednesday and was criticised by Italian keeper Gianluigi Buffon and some Italian media.

BBC Sport understands Oliver’s wife Lucy - a Women’s Super League referee who also officiates men’s non-league football - had her mobile number posted on social media after the game, which led to the abusive texts.

Police are also looking into reports of people banging on the front door of the couple’s home address and shouting abuse through their letterbox.

Officers have now deactivated the phone number, although Lucy Oliver’s social media account has also been targeted by some supporters.

The elite referee’s body, the PGMOL, said it was supporting the Olivers and “condemned the abuse Lucy has received on social media”.

A spokesman for Twitter confirmed that several offensive tweets reported by Lucy Oliver have been removed for violating its abuse policy.

In a dramatic end to the match at the Bernabeu in Madrid, Juventus captain and Italy international Buffon was sent off for confronting Oliver over the 93rd-minute penalty decision.

He later told media the English official had a “bag of rubbish for a heart”.

On Saturday, Buffon defended his comments, saying he “stands by all of it”.

The 40-year-old goalkeeper admitted some of the language he used may have been “excessive” but insisted 33-year-old Oliver was too young to referee such a significant match.

“I have to defend my team-mates and fans, even in a not very composed fashion. I had to let that out, even if it damaged my reputation,” he told Italian TV.

"You find a way to speak, right or wrong, that at times can seem excessive - but this is me, I am Gigi Buffon.

“I’d say them all again - maybe with a different type of language, one that was more civilised, let’s say. The content remains and I stand by all of it.”

Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri also said he “understood” Buffon’s reaction and described him as a “role model on and off the pitch” for the “last 20 years”.

“If on one occasion he said the things he did, in a situation as tough as Wednesday night’s, that is understandable and I challenge anyone to react differently,” said Allegri.

European football’s governing body Uefa has not yet commented on the matter.

Oliver was the fourth official for Huddersfield’s late win over Watford in the Premier League on Saturday and is due to take charge of West Ham v Stoke City on Monday night.

In response to the online abuse of Mrs Oliver, some Italian football fans started a twitter hashtag #ItaliaLovesMichaelOliver backing the official, which got 6,000 tweets in 24 hours on Thursday.


"I’m not sure if we were beaten by the referee; we were certainly not beaten by Juve. By hook or by crook they always win. Juve should play in their own league, every year is the same. We will again finish second,

F. Totti


Juve are relentless in Serie A. They always manage to find a way.




@Matty_Hislop, non-Juventus supporting Italy as you correctly observed are having a right laugh over Juventus on Wednesday night.


And those ways include juicing and bribing refs