Champions League - Round of 8


A team relegated for match fixing complaining about a correct referee decision.

You couldn’t make it up.

A lot of pretend Italian football fans seem unable to accept decisions of referees and indeed courts and go on and on about it.


But not the mass murder of opposition fans.


Didn’t Buffon say something about winners finding a way when they robbed Roma in a league match a few years ago?


He did. And he said “And losers find excuses.”


@Cicero_Dandi and @The_Selfish_Giant, would you address these comments made by Francesco Totti.


Hoisted by his own petard

*Juventus goalkeeper Gigi Buffon made a pointed reference to Roma. “Winners find a way, losers find an excuse.”

The captain was speaking to the official Carrarese website, the club he co-owns, in a pep talk to the players.

“Winners find a way, losers find an excuse. It seems to me a motto that fits in well with everyday life as well as sport.

“I advise you not give life to excuses or alibis as mediocre people would, but on the contrary roll your sleeves up and get to work.”*


As a diehard Roma fan, they are all laughing at Buffon in Rome, he made an awful ejjit of himself, its always about him anyway



Juve are relentless, they also seem to find a way to victory. Roma had their career high points in Serie A last season but still lost the league with a few games to spare, they just eek results out when they’re not playing well. A case in point was the way they stole the points against Lazio a few weeks back in the last seconds of the game despite being second best.


Buffon has a garbage bin on his chest to come out with those comments


Or maybe when juve were cheating against Celtic?


Would it be fair to say that @Cicero_Dandi and @The_Selfish_Giant are essentially lone voices amongst the Roma support in being upset at the demise of Juventus in Madrid?


Nope, all my extended family of Roma supporters are with Gigi, it was a disgrace what happened and Italian football is united with him.

Italian football has been discriminated against by UEFA this season, so many wrong decisions with so many Italian teams on the receiving end - it can’t be coincidence.


A Roma fan standing up for Juve would be like @Bandage defending Glasgow Rangers losing in the same circumstances


Juve didn’t cheat against Celtic.


That pretend Italian/IRA lad hasn’t a fucking notion.


The media, Celtic players and manager all disagree with you


It’s a strange one, a club who got relegated for match fixing and to this day get loads of favourable decisions in Serie A including against Roma getting defended by a Roma fan.


The media, which media?


The papers


A pretend Roma fan.