Champions League - Round of 8


Have they?

The only difference is that Italy actually tries to tackle corruption (and doping) hence why loads of ex Barca players failed drugs tests when they came to play in Italy. The decisions Juve got in this period were in the ha’penny place compared to what Alex Ferguson’s Man Utd were the beneficiaries of in England in the same time. Games with Juve involved actually were very minimal in terms of controversial decisions.

As Cellino said, they think Italian football is bad, English football is ten times as dirty despite the virtuous oultook they try and portray.


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That’s all irrelevant to what I said. Juve get decisions in Italy that other teams don’t, Totti agrees, Radja Nainggolan agrees. They would have got away with that foul in Italy but not in the Champions League and they can’t take it


What foul?


You decide it’s irrelevant on what basis?

Juve wouldn’t get that decision against them in Italy because Italian referees would not award a phantom penalty in that kind of situation.


It’s irrelevant because you went off talking about English football when I hadn’t mentioned it

Do you disagree with Totti and Nainggolan?


I think you’re misrepresenting what they said.

I would disagree with any inference that referees are the reason for Juventus and their success in Italy.


You are a fucking idiot so.


Can you list all the major refereeing decisions Juve have got in recent years in Italy.


Google “Luciano Moggi”


There was a massive controversy in Italy about “match fixing” with demotions, suspensions and criminal sentences being handed out.

Yet in terms of controversial refereeing decisions, it was in the ha’penny place compared to English football.

Some of the decisions Spurs have got this season have been a disgrace, referees are told they are not allowed to punish Dele Alli for diving or trying to end opposition players careers and it’s all hushed. Michael Oliver is the poster boy for a corrupt football association who tried to get a World Cup with bribes and then cried foul about it when another country was chose. You’re an anglophile and a hypocrite.


Its very strange. I was on holidays in Tuscany back in 1992. Was in a bar in Florence on a Saturday afternoon. Got talking to a few local lads who were Fiorentina fans. Anti-Juventus sentiment was particularly high in Florence at that time as they were still very sore about Roberto Baggio departing for Juventus about two years previously. The 1992 FA Cup Final, Liverpool v Sunderland came on in the bar shortly after that. The lads were giving it socks shouting for Liverpool. They told me that Liverpool had become very popular in Italy having put manners on Juventus at Heysel a few years previously. Fucking nutcases. Its only a game. Italy, lovely country and lovely people, but from that day on I’ve adopted the view that when it comes to soccer, they’re utter nut jobs.


No I haven’t.

The original Italian article


Clearly you are misrepresenting what he said.


Clearly not. Go to the curva sud with a juve Jersey and see what happens you.


The presiding England no 1 headbutts Michael Oliver - yellow card.

The Italian no 1 contests a decisions with Michael Oliver - red card.

You couldn’t make it up.


More ridiculous whataboutery from you.

It’s obvious you don’t have a fucking clue about the recent history of Italian football. It was embarrassing enough that you cried your eyes out the other night and moaned like a bitch when Juve were knocked out. Real Roma fans were laughing their bollocks off.

But your ignorance of Juve’s shenanigans in Italy have exposed you as a total bluffer, you are a fucking laughing stock pal.


Why would I wear a Juve jersey? I’m a Roma fan.

Most in the Curva Sud would agree that Juve got shafted during the week and would sympathise with them after Roma were on the wrong end of some terrible refereeing decisions in the Nou Camp the week before.


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You have no idea bout Italian football. I’m a lifelong Roma fan as are most of my family, we all feel the same way about it.