Changing Irish History

Let’s play a game… If you could change one event in Irish history (1) what would it be? (2) Why would you change it? ( 3.) What outcome would you envisage as a result of the change?

Thesis long done, pal… It’s something I often think on and be interested to see what it throws up is all.

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How in the sweet fuck can someone do a thesis on that lad.

Ive decided to withdraw my posts pal, let this thread be based on history not a roaring match about hurling. We’ve a whole summer for that.

That Dev was never born or at least the cunt never made it to Ireland. Possibly did more damage in 50 years than the English did in 800. There would likely have been no civil war as he was the one who set it off with his “wading through Irish blood” speeches, ironic given the cunt was a yank, a fact that saved his arse in 1916. Collins would have lived and been a proper statesman, and possibly could have sorted out something out with the Unionists. The place wouldn’t have been the church infested hellhole it became for most of the population, half of whom left over his decades of rule.

Limerick has a lot to answer for, for rearing the fucker.

Whatever about a thesis there’s a good novel to be written on the subject.


Collins was a quisling, pal.


Bullshit. Collins actually cared deeply about you Nordies, something that can’t be said for most of his contemporaries after his death. FF gave no more of a shit about the plight of Nationalists in the north than FG did.

Bullshit. He was happy to turn British Arms on those who occupied the Four Courts. He was subservient to the Monarch.

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He was pragmatic. Those inside the Four Courts were deluded. What the fuck did they hope to accomplish? It was an ever more stupid blood sacrifice than 2016. The number of great Republican leaders killed in the Civil War was death to a country that needed leaders, all brought about by the madman Dev.

Anyway you’re dodging the main thesis which is what would the country have been like without Dev. Or feel free to post up your own answer and I can tear it to shreds.

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DeValera was a scheming untrustworthy snake.

Collins was a quisling who partitioned the country, he gambled on the sovereignty of Ulster and his actions were catastrophic. He gave us up, the vile quisling.

DeValera was a scheming coward, Collins was a quisling.

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Collins didn’t partition the country, the British did. Collins negotiated the best deal possible at the time (and shagged some of their upper crust women while he was there). He would never have abandoned you lot like Dev did. If Collins is a Quisling then Adams is a bigger one. At least Collins took up arms, unlike Gerry apparently.

Negotiated the best deal possible for who?

Certainly not the nationalist community of the O6, he sold them down the rive as history has shown. He agreed to sell out the people of Ulster, he is scum. The country should never ever have been partitioned, it should never have even been considered. Collins felt that certain Irish lives were of a higher value than others - that will never be forgotten.

What did Adams sell out?

He sold out Nationalist principles like Collins did. Agreed to ongoing partition almost a century after Collins, no? However Nationalist goals should always have been subservient to long term Republican goals. Collins was pragmatic enough to know what was achievable short term and longer term.

Collins accepted that the heavily armed Unionists would not accept separating from Britain at the time.

Nationalists in the 6 counties did fuck all anyway during the war of independance.

Useful reading for Nembo

Those who were in the Four Courts ignored the democratic will of the people.

They were ‘subservient’ to the 1916 Proclamation. Like all moronic Republicans over the last few decades they believed that that document written by a few lads was impregnable and could justify anything.

He was a Bruree cunt. Educated in Charleville. Not our fault.


Do the northern crowd ever stop playing the blame game and take responsibility for their own future?

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They’re reared to blame everyone else for their problems


Take responsibility for their future?

Our future was sealed by some quisling down in Cork.

Right is right even if everyone is against it.

Wrong is wrong even if everyone is for it.