Cheltenham Day 4 Tips and Discussion

Post race antics🤣

Surely this would have been settled there and then on the Wednesday if this was the case.

They aren’t settling them until next Tuesday. Townend will be blessed to be riding in Britain before Christmas he’s going to get so many days.

Hopefully it is over turned and Merrigan loses all his bets

Sure they pay the first past the post anyway regardless

Balls you’re right

Yup no stewards enquiry anyway

Edit: at the time of the race result

I’m fairly sure the Tuesday reviews just deal with Jockey bans and have no bearing on the result of the race. Unless I’ve missed something


### No disqualifications under new whip rules

Much of the talk in the build-up to the meeting had been around new whip rules for jockeys and the possibility of horses being disqualified.

While decisions on any whip rule breaches will not be made until next week, only six of the 444 rides have been referred and none of the winners will be thrown out.

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Nope they can be disqualified. There was a horse disqualified in the first reivew. Think if you go over 14 you are gone.