Choco's Chelty Tips Day 1 - TFK PREMIUM TIPSTER

Fill your boots, lads

1.30 - Move with the times e/w
2.10 Royal Caviar e/w
2.50 Ultima e/w
3.30 My tent or yours, Brain power e/w
4.10 Apples Jade - win
4.50 Tiger Roll e/w
5.30 All hell let loose e/w

cc @Mac @TreatyStones

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Good work mate. You’ll be guaranteed at least your money back in the first race. And fairly sure Ultima will get a lot of mentions in the 2.50 too so should be there or thereabouts.


4 dead horses this week - 2pts


What time is that running at pal?

@Rocko can you merge all this crap onto the one tipping thread.

It fucking annoying lads speculating on fixed races.

Put it on ignore, you stupid cunt. I’ll start another one, and another one, and another one – if it’s merged.

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Lovely. We’ll see you after your @Tassotti-esque sojourn so.

Why so afraid to post in a thread that has already been set up? You gonna get found out or something?

Go shit in your hat.


That’s a yes then.

anytime until Friday evening.

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It’s gas to see these supposed Republicans getting ‘giddy’ at the prospect of mixing it up with the Brits for races names after the nobility.

It’d be terrible if you got your tips wrong in the ‘Queen Mother Champion Chase’.

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Did you forget to take your medication this morning, mate?

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Forelock tuggers. The Brits only laughing at them.


Indeed I didn’t Sir @ChocolateMice of the Soup Taking Brethren.

I love how you go for the insulting allegations when you’ve been found out and have no logical answer.

‘Oh no, the Irish have won a load of races over here. It’s a pity that we took all their best horse and the hard earned cash fro our bookmakers’.

What, in the name of fuck, are you on about?

You’re an absolute idiot.

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Stage 7 Rattled.

Enjoy your soup.


Yeah I will, thanks…

Do you share your account by any chance?

What kind of a weirdo would share their account?

Maybe you don’t realize you’re sharing it? Andy Goram style…