Christmas Day Thread

Happy Christmas to all TFKers from the future. You’re mostly a wonderful bunch. I wish you all joy and happiness.


Merry Crimbo, pal. How is Bondi looking?

I was down in the Clovelly tonight with @Loko_Cove and respective partners. It was looking fairly fannytastic. Are you in Limerick or Cark?

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I’d say it’s like a giant multicoloured Christmas tree in the wind, a mirage made possible by a sea of drunk county jerseys.

You’re bang out of order in this joyous time of year.

The jerseys are at mass in bondi tomorrow.

In Cark, kid.

FOAD ye cunts.

Glad to see the traditional Tipp festive spirit is alive and well. Make sure to freeze the leftover ham tomorrow. Tis a while til May yet

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Ham on the boil, stuffing made, bread sauce made, gravy made, dessert half made and veg prepped.
Sitting down now to a cheese board and a beer.


I’ve drank the least amount at Christmas in years. Had two pints earlier on the way home from last minute shopping. In laws are due to drop in so I’ve tried to make mulled wine but it’ll probably taste like shit so that’ll be it.

Need to finish off helping with a letter to Santa and stay sober just in case he hasn’t time to put together what he’s bringing the little fella.

Peace and best wishes to all and hope the pockets get filled on Stephens Day. Happy Christmas.


A bit more shook today than planned. Polished off 2 bottles of wine with the brother and the father last night after a number of pints with pals yesterday. Still though, great to be alive.

Tipp lads in their element on Christmas Day after getting tin foil for Christmas.


Would you make the entire dinner or would she help out with some of it?

It’s a load of bollocks. I’ll be in bed at 8pm getting my sleep in for the best day of the year tomorrow.


Merry Christmas to ye all lads!


Merry Christmas to one and all.

Here’s one for the day that’s in it.

Up the Ra.

Paul Brady - Arthur McBride

Just finished the dinner. Stuffed!

Time for 40 winks. Anything decent on the box tonight?

Jaysus if the @The_Puke was still here he’d have loved listening to that