Christmas gift from TFK

Coming soon… (as in a few days, not a few minutes).

A love letter in Spanish?

Is it Farmer’s return?

This is my Winter song…



:strokechin: I presume that’s a song lyric of some sort.

A Christmas themed skin?

Some signed Ewan MacKenna books to raffle off?

A signed picture of Claire Tully topless?

You’re going to ban MBB aren’t you?

Poor grammar there Fitzy

Shocking actually Fagan, I’ve fixed it and thank you for pointing it out. You forgot a full stop on yours, by the way.

Its still a poor sentence fitzy.

I suppose you know a writer who could have structured it better than I?

This is what you said (even after correction) without abbreviation.

“You are going to ban mbb are not you?”

Are you looking for a writer fitz? I know a song writer if that’s any use?

I was using conversational english Kev, something you clearly know little about, as I doubt too many people would want to have a conversation with you.


You’re still rattled.

The famous Feisty temper was rising here it seems, sorry to have missed it.

Any hints Rocko? Or is a free hour of hints in the 51?

It’s probably another “upgrade”

What we really want is confirmation that Bandage does, or does not, have a forehead like a handball alley …

Your obsession with other posters bodies is becoming a bit disturbing