Christy Cooney - Wanker

Latest two press statements from him relate to -

b[/b] Announcing that the presentations are definitely going to take place in the middle of the field this year and that Croke Park will be taking extra measures to ensure this happens, and

b[/b] He is absolutely opposed to any technology being introduced. Not only that, he also rejects out of hand any recent criticism of umpires or the system used to appoint them. He claims umpires are not just there because they know the referee, but because they are “very good at what they do”.

Could this dickhead be any more of a company man?

Best of luck to them keeping me off the pitch if we win 5 in a row.

Extra measures like what, I wonder?

Cooney = Presbyterian cunt

Liam O Neill wouldnt have done this.

I’m sure they’ve plenty of ideas. Cooney would order a baton charge on the crowd if he thought the Gardai could spare the manpower.

Nobody has really explained why they can’t announce that ‘patrons’ can get on the pitch in an organised fashion after a couple of minutes so any players who want to and the referee etc can get off the pitch. They can then open the gates, let people on in an orderly fashion after a clear announcement that coming on to the pitch is at your own risk. It is then no different to when tens of thousands stand on the pitch for U2 or Take That or whoever. The tradition of cup presentations can then still take place in front of thousands of their fellow county men as its done for years.
Genuinely can’t see any problem with this, legal or otherwise? Is there something I’'m missing?
Problem probably is there is no fans or ‘patrons’ organisation to put forward obvious ideas like this to the clowns in Croke Park.

If they can’t keep Kilkenny and Kerry off they aren’t going to keep anybody off. Duh.

Gola this sort of clear thinking has no place in the GAA. Begone.

Fuck him, you get presented with the McCarthy Cup in the Hogan Stand, not on some platform in the middle of the field with pyrotechnics going off. Ask any Tipp man about 2001 and they’ll tell you it took the gloss off the win, that crap in the middle of the field.

It’s been suggested before gola, and they rolled out the ‘pitch compaction’ excuse.

Of course pitch compaction concerns were also supposed to prohibit the playing of three matches in Croke Park on the same day. Yet this didn’t stop Nicky Brennan and Cooney fixing the Meagher, Rackard, and Ring finals on for the same day in order to shove them out of sight.

I’d say Cooney and McKenna actually want somebody to get killed so that they can bring in their stupid legislation.

Some cunt from the “Pitch Invasion Research Committee” was on RTE Radio 1 last week saying that the pitch compaction argument is gone and was never a reason.

Can some of ye who give any sort of a fuck about this please email this general idea to the GAA. I presume they’ve heard it before but would just like to hear the response if a few of people send it. I actually know your man Alan MIlton who is now their communications manager and he’s a sound enough lad. I’d say he would actually get back to ya. Would like to hear his response if someone he doesn’t know sends it.

Does Alan know you gola?

Yeah, not that well, but he would alright.

Aye would have a somewhat similar reckoning of him.

I’d like to see him stop the O’ Learys and Lynch’s (and all of Cill Na Matra and Ballyvourney) coming on the field if Cork finally win the All-Ireland this year.

Never liked him since first came across him, his term as the big boss is making him even less endearing. He’s from the old school lobby, friends with Honohan and the likes.