City Breaks


Its Moorish architecture anyways. I’d guess at Seville.


Pisa ? The tower is a bit slanty.




The Gate in Kilmallock ?








Tangier Morocco




Enjoy @balbec, daycent grub down that way.


A big cunt ?


Oops. Sorry I thought that read “ WHAT am I ?”




Nice time to visit. Less riff raff around.


Yeah, the riff raff are at home in Tipp managing 6 different teams at this time of year.


Not a Tipp Jersey in sight.


That’s nice.I’d hate for your mini break to be ruined by your fear of the Tipperary jersey.


Frankfurt is an absolute shithole. Thoroughly reinforces my viewpoint on how strange Germans are, I just don’t get them.

Apart from a good train network, the place has nothing going for it. Multiculturalism is something I could never accept, it takes away with the character and soul of places. Loads of dirty, grimy Turkish kebab shops on every corner. You could easily walk through the entire city and not spot a bar or restaurant you’d like to frequent.

A bad mistake deciding to stay on an extra night after my work business had concluded here. I hope I’ll never be sent back.

Its the Birmingham of Germany.


The centre of Birmingham is a grand spot. There’s a graveyard.


Birmingham is a hovel.