Clare Gaa Thread mark II


He’s not a fucking journalist mate, he’s a harmless fella with a smartphone. There’ll be the odd bad statement.


He gets lots of names wrong to be fair


Hers more right than wrong. They’re only a bunch of spud hockeyers anyway


We don’t care about next week it’s about tipp and the league now


Some win lads, fairplay. Going to be Clare’s year I reckon.


Clare to win Munster this year.


Dave Cuddy to be the new Clonlara manager with former Tipp hurler Shane Shane McGrath as coach.


I don’t think we will be reading much into a preseason gamae get real


I wonder what kind of a team we will put out on Sunday


Clean .20 cork .17 McCarth cup


10 mins to go


Cork win by 1


1.Andrew Fahy
2.Jack Browne
3.Conor Cleary
4.Patrick O’Connor
5.David Fitzgerald
6.David McInerney
7.Diarmuid Ryan
8.Ryan Taylor
9.Colm Galvin
10.Cathal Malone
11.Tony Kelly
12. Niall Deasy
13. Shane O’Donnell
14. Cathal O’Connell
15. Podge Collins

Disappointed to see Browne corner back, he is a wing back or nothing at this level. Good to see Podge inside, last year showed he is no longer a centre forward at I/C


4 points a piece after 20 minutes.

Cathal Malone with 2 points from play. He looks to be a lad on an upward trajectory, looked very raw last year but he works very hard and makes things happen in fairness to him. If he can quicken up his hurling a bit along with Peter Duggan finding form and Deasy emerging we could well have a very different and far more balanced forward line this year.

Just need the backs to tighten up a bit as we will put up decent scores in the summer


Is there radio commentary anywhere for this?


16 to 10 defeat. Sounded like the forwards made no impact second half. Hit 3 points straight after half time and no score until injury time.

On to tipp in two weeks now.


Would today s result worry you


Is duggen back next week?


There’s a cracking video embedded in this. Clare would’ve twenty All Ireland’s in the meantime if the referee wouldn’t of sent off Jim Power for “circumstances that weren’t entirely of his own making”. For fuck sake Jimmy Barry was running through them for fun and Durack couldn’t stop a ball to save his life.


Early goal for Cavan but Clare have turned it around up 1.4 to 1.1