Clare Gaa Thread mark II


Clare get back to level and ref blows for a nothing challenge to give Tipp a free in. Then moves it in of course


Level game again. Clare free 40+ out to win it probably


Wide. Two mins additional


Did a Clare man hit a Tipp selector?


Ref blows it up with Clare breaking free in to the Tipp half


Luckily enough you’re not the type to complain.


Draw, Yeah?




My source was incorrect so


Might be referring to a few shoulders on the pitch ? There was plenty of those




Are you not busy choking the wife?


Twas the far side from me, the oul lad was over near it, will see what he made of it later


Syl made out it was a nonsense decision. Malones momentum took him into the maor foirne.


There was someone being treated on the ground for about ten minutes after it alright, but there was no big schemozzle between the two dugouts as you’d imagine would have kicked off if twas a deliberate collision


Tipp maor foirne hopped his head off the ground when Malone collided with him, he got back up, then said he didn’t feel right and he lost consciousness moments later. Think he was okay again when he came around but he’ll have to be checked out I suppose.
Clare will be appealing the red card.


Wasn’t Malone already Red Carded before “ colliding with Stapleton “ leaving the pitch?


Not that I know of anyway. There was a challenge for the ball between Malone and his man on the far line and I think Malone was carried into Stapleton. Linesman signalled for a Clare ball, then called the ref over and the card was issued.


Not what’s being reported.


What gets reported is not always accurate. You’ll be talking to lads that were actually there?