Clare Gaa Thread mark II



Do a few of the older ex Clare lads have an axe to grind with the current management duo…

Bugler a few weeks ago had a little cut off them and today Colin Ryan on Twitter questioning taking Duggan off the frees after missing two from 70 yards out…


They had an axe with Davy also, the fuckers are never happy maybe they need to look at themselves or just stay quiet


That’s awful sad


Low blow off the ball


It was Joe, I retract it and will delete the post.


More shame for Clare GAA. This is a disgrace in fairness. Twas hardly playing badminton he hurt it


Disgusting treatment of Honan.


OMG that is a fucking disgrace. I would like to think J.P. would help out with those expenses there. Crossing county boundaries should not enter into it. He’s a hurler and he should be looked after. Sheer contempt for Darrach who devoted his life for the jersey. That’s a bitter pill there. @Joe_Player What do you think of that?


That’s lovely thanks for scoring the clinching goal in an A-I final.

That’s the type of case where the GPA money should be used, not for makey uppy sports junkets like the Fenway Classic.


Whatever about the wrongs of it, and it’s very wrong, a grown man should have fucking health insurance.


Agreed. Maybe he couldnt afford it though and by time he went looking hip was pre existing condition. Would have thought at mininum an intercounty player would have their health insurance paid for or subsidised by their county.


He didn’t like being a substitute. New manager s new order


That’s a tough break, not even be able to play club :disappointed_relieved:.


Will be.
Will be.

#2092 @Raylan @Big_Mick_McCarthy


Sparsely attended Cusack Park, doubt we are over four figures. Breeze across the field maybe slightly into the Tesco corner.


Not impressed by last week


Tipp 0-7 Clare 0-5 halftime. We have had the balance of the play but poor in front of the posts, have four or five scoreable chances missed. The Yank showing well, Cleary after coming into it. C O’C doing a lot of good work but has squandered a few opportunities. Sweeney was doing rack for Tipp early on but has faded. Quinlivan gone off injured but was never in it.


Red card for Malone and black for Tubs. Ref is a shambles