Clare Gaa Thread mark II


Stop Joe ffs sake. There’s no offspring of mine playing minor anywhere. A one-time teammate’s son


Not that you’re aware of anyway, you ol rogue you :wink:


If they’ve gotten to minor I’m nearly off the hook anyway :yum:


Congrats Raylan, but a good buddy of mine involved with Limerick and we have 2 lads starting so I hope your son has a miserable time as captain .


I thought that :joy::joy:


Clare 1-3 Limerick 0-1 after ten


Clare 2-9 Limerick 0-4 halftime. The poor Ballysteen young lad in goals dropped a bit of a clanger for the second Clare goal.


Limerick goal for the other Ballysteen man. 2-11 to 1-5, ten left


Clare 3-13 Limerick 2-9 result


How’d he go over all? Sounds like Limerick were poor.


Limerick inside line looked dangerous all night, they were in for a goal in the first couple of minutes and keeper/cornerback managed to smother the shot. Clare went up and got a goal minutes later and had a six point lead built up very quickly after that. Clare were better balanced overall but they were gifted a goal before halftime, keeper dropped a point effort at the feet of the full forward and he didn’t refuse the present. Limerick should have had a penalty with about 7/8 left which might have made it an interesting finish but they probably can’t argue with the result


Welldone Clare the banner no one beats us in Ennis


What was the story with ye there @Joe_Player?




Awful I don’t rate this Bridge team this year or last if Iam honest


Bad beating by a newly promoted intermediate team joe.


The bridge were relying on one man for too long 20 years to be precise


First Kilmaley game after the funerals, ye might have ran into a bit of a storm on the day :thinking:


Think there was a wedding in the Bridge on Saturday night


On the ball