Clare Gaa Thread mark II


Podge gone (most likely) with a broken metatarsal


Sickener for Podge


Six weeks?


Pity for him . I thought he was very peripheral on Sunday though .


Minimum you’d imagine. Very risky to chance that particular injury.





May actually suit Clare better in a roundabout way, Kelly back to 11 and Malone into the HF line??


Agree. Don’t know much about Malone but Kelly needs to be midfield or centre forward


Podge is back in 2 weeks


Reidy or Kelly will be centre-forward. If it’s Kelly then Malone will probably get the No.10 shirt. If it’s Reidy then McCarthy and possibly Golden will duel it out to partner Galvin.


Would you change the backs put in dillion


Definitely a case to be made for it. O’Brien will be fit anyway won’t he? I imagine he’ll take Patch’s place and then Patch will have to force Gudgie out.


Osian could be the man. podge will be fit


what a scum bag he cant take his beating




Had he any batteries in that walkie-talkie?


He has syil on clare fm


He seems like a really harmless divil.