Clare Gaa Thread mark II



Will ye win the All Ireland Joe?


Why not


Not saying ye will or won’t. Just asking g your thoughts that’s all


I am only messing not a hope we will win the All Ireland I be delighted if we win muster fact.



Clare will win the all Ireland


Here Joe

A serious question for you. Do you think
Davys endeavours with Wexford has inadvertently put pressure on Clare to perform this season?
Cc @Raylan
What would your views on this be?


There’s a guy works down the chip shop, swears hes Elvis


Worrying news @Joe_Player


Yes i do bud big time which could be a good thing . How’s you leg?


Grand Joe.
Off the crutches next week



A change was needed and was best for both parties. It had become toxic and he had to go. Whatever Davy does with Wexford has little or no bearing on the expectation of the Clare hurlers. The vast majority of hurling people in the county wanted him gone and the constant side show had become too much.


Their under-achievement since winning the AI has put enough expectation on them. Wexford’s upturn is incidental enough at present, it could become a media narrative later in the year maybe, but I wouldn’t put much store in it.


Davy protected an awful lot of Clare players (who went buck ape mental [cc @Tassotti] after 2013) and took the heat for them. Not sure if I mentioned it before but I absolutely adore the guy.


Not having won a game of note in three years before last week is the main source of pressure I would say. Davy’s adventures aren’t part of the picture anymore.


Some sickener if we lose Davy Mc straight after getting O’Brien back.


4 weeks to recover


If it’s a tear that’s the minimum. Can’t be rushed either or it will plague him for years.


He will be ready for the all Ireland semi final at least though