Clare Gaa Thread mark II


It’s not going well Joe. 14pts to 2 down after seven mins of the second half


Ugly stuff


Ahh we have the hurling next week


Clare v Mayo be good


Will they get a good crowd at the football hardly s full house ? Cc @Watch_The_Break @Big_Mick_McCarthy


Anything over 10k is a good crowd, seems to be a good Mayo crowd coming - don’t think it will be filled though


It could be a shock result


There will be a good crowd at that game.

People want to see this Mayo team buried.


We could get hammered going out loosing by 6 or 7 would be good


Don’t know if Willie Clancy will help it or hurt it. I think it’s on tv too isn’t it?


Mayo are a big name in Football circles but showing the wankers 2 weeks running is bollox.


It’ll be worth it when we bury the cunts


Unchanged team.


What can we expect tonight


Blood on the Banner Joe. Whose blood though?


Rummoirs Collins is going?


Nobody does rumours like you do Joe. I’ve had four different Clare teams for tomorrow off you already :dizzy_face:


I jumped the gun guilty




Our management is a joke