Clare Gaa Thread mark II


You follow Fintan O Toole…


Someone sent it to me. Some tech genius here showed me how to upload photos here last week.


It seems hes taken down that tweet.

What an unmerciful prick this fella seems to be


I know the Wolfe Tones one alright, don’t think the same fella was playing this year though iirc


He used to post on here as @Sean_stack

A deranged drama queen


Thought it was TAN or are they the same person?


Was he a tinker?


No but probably pretended to be to get attention in a debate.


He seems the sort.


Gavin Keary has replaced Donal Og in the Clare set up, will be leading the coaching with Cronin and Corcoran who were involved last year



Aaron Shanagher cruciate gone . Huge loss .


Nasty. Only a young fella hopefully he can come back from it.


When did he do that? Third-level stuff??


According to Irish times in the weeks leading up to the Fenway Classic .


Be a big loss alright. Has his limitations certainly but is still only a young fella. His pace and power make him a serious asset all the same.

If he could work on becoming less one-sided, he’d absolutely terrorise back lines.


We are building a panel but a big blow


Any truth that Colm Galvin is gone for the year traveling.?


Seems to be true


If Buff Egan says it’s true then that’s good enough for me