Clare Gaa Thread mark II


Clare are fucked - Colm Galvin is the Jamie Clarke of Clare a free spirit god love be him


Ridiculous French tattoos with a deeper meaning next


Nah, Galvin just wants to go on the beer. Fair play to him


Galvin won’t be gone too long. Supposedly going to Dubai teaching despite not being qualified to do so


Face up to the facts buddy. He has no interest in Hurling with Clare and more interest in drinking


It’s not every county that can produce players that can do both


Offaly in the nineties .


I beg to differ.


Every county can?


And a bit of pottery.


Pottery? Isn’t that slang in some parts for a blowjob? WTF mate?! :eek:


That too maybe!



Sixmilebridge v Newmarket in the Clare cup final tomorrow


In Clonlara for fear ye might spend a few pound


We would take them on snu where


What’s this about lads?

Surely a round or 2 couldn’t hurt?


That’s some bollixing, no meaningful fixtures until possibly July/August. Joke


Wasn’t April meant to be set aside for clubs? That’s why the league is starting earlier. Instead county teams (all over, not just Clare) are heading on foreign training camps and no rounds of the club championship will be played. :laughing:


That’s cuntish. We’re going back training the second week in January, better have a few Championship games before the intercounty Championship starts.