Clare Gaa Thread mark II


That was agreed last month. That April for clubs idea is a bit of a cod. Who wants to be playing championship in April? Run off a few rounds of the league is the right idea I would have thought.


And play no proper matches until August/September?

I’d be happy out getting a couple of matches in in April.


I thought it was agreed in Limerick already that there’s Championship for every grade both Hurling and Football in April?? Definitely football anyway, thought Hurling too


I think there is but no actual dates have been released yet afaik.


It might be beneficial to clubs in one way if they just played away to fuck rather than shelling out for months of training alright. Don’t think it’ll take though.


Why don’t teams go back training in March if championship is August? Why train in January?


The arms race.


Well, I don’t know about Clare for certain but presumably they will be running off league competitions etc earlier in the year anyway. So they’ll still have to go back training. Although, yes, if you know for a fact you won’t be playing Championship in August, January is very fucking early to be going back.

I know that some people are giving out about the fact that you could play a few Championship games in April and then be waiting 4 or 5 months for the next one but to me, that is way more preferable than only starting in August. That’s basically how it runs already.


The hurling league only finished up here last Saturday (@Joe_Player is very quiet about the result). The football league final was three weeks ago I think. That’s a long season for any club if they’re paying for outside expertise.


In proper counties like Tipperary every club will have at least three championship games in April


It has to start in April cos there’s still forty odd teams in it


28 and what’s the harm? More games for the players and it means that it is impossible for county managers to stop the games being played


Tis better in fairness. The Tipp lads I work with seem to have plenty more games than we do between divisions and everything else. Fuck this training from January shit.


The Clare Cup :joy:



What way will 2018 go?


Colm Galvin is ready for the hurling in 2018


Clare hurling is going to be good in 2018 boys @Raylan @Big_Mick_McCarthy


You’re changing your mind again?


Clare are fucked Joe. They will be lucky to win a match in 2018. They will be relegated from the Munster Championship for 2019.