Clontarf Golf Club

Rezoning could allow for 5,000 homes on Clontarf Golf Club grounds (

get it done


Can’t see who would argue against that.


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Eoin O’Malley on Twitter: “This is a good idea -though no doubt my local TDs will raise ‘concerns’. However the land was gifted to the club by the state, and it would be a state decision that increases the value of the land, so club members shouldn’t get the windfall from rezoning.” / Twitter


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There’ll be a lot of new gaffs overlooking Mr Big’s family home on the Malahide road. I’m sure he’ll be fine with it. May need to use his mediation services for other neighbours though.

I think Clontarf Golf and Bowls Club had a 99 year lease from Dublin City Council. They then bought in the freehold before the last crash to facilitate a land swap whereby they would move to a new state of the art golf course in Charle Haugheys gaff in Kinsealy and Joe Morans company would build on the golf course. It’s one of the anomalies of the Dublin land market that there are so many golf courses tying up valuable development land so close to the city centre.

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I wholeheartedly support anything that drives golf out of my neighbourhood.


All else failing you could move to a more salubrious part of D3

I’m a working class D5 resident. I don’t have the means to purchase in D3.

Not a great house. The side and a lot of the back garden were sold off to facilitate a development some years ago.

The membership in these clubs is majority elderly property-asset millionaires that aren’t particularly stuck for a few bob and couldn’t give a shite about any property crisis

We need green spaces in our cities.

We do. Ones that can be used by all citizens not just a select coterie.


Seven tower blocks, a new stand in Parnell Park and a pitch and putt course would be a fair compromise here I think.

Clontarf GC is already a glorified pitch and putt course.

Oh look, it’s tiger woods.

Are you familiar with Clontarf Golf Club?

Throw in a weatherspoons to really upset the locals

It would be an improvement on the Beachcomber in fairness


Is it fair to say the course is no more in Clontarf than the 5 Lanps ???