Clothes Shopping

The summer wardrobe is basically full of 90’s Aston Villa jerseys dodgy flowery shirts and faded tee-shirts, so I went down Henry Street to do a bit of shopping today.

Went into Arnotts and there was fuck all there, one or two items that i’d wear from the hundreds available. I went up to the Jervis Center to see what they had to offer, went into Topman, Jack And Jones, Debenhams and Bershka. Absolutely everything in each of those shops looks tailored for a 6 stone, homo-sexual male. Seriously, tiny pink and multi-coloured tee-shirts, cardigans (FFS), skinny jeans, some sort of scarf things, plunging necklines, I had to check and see if I was really in the mens section and it seemed as if I was.

Quickly left and saw a Best Menswear across the road. Luckily half the shop was kitted out for cunts but the other half suited me perfectly and I got a couple of reasonably priced normal polo shirts and even a pair of shorts.

What the fuck is up with mens shops these days? Shocking.

gave up on regular shops years ago - a waste of time & effort

I have a tailor now & i give him a broad idea of what I like & he makes it for me- a lot more expensive than normal shops but well worth it

<_< Swooperman isn’t a tailor.

Classy bespoke urbanwear :clap:

TTK obviously un-aware of Tase’s abilities here…

But that said, there are times when Tase’s aspirations for the world of “Gentry” would give you a pain in your hole…

TTK, you’re well past the days of trendy clothes. The sooner you get used to buying chinos, sports jackets and thermal underwear in places like Best menswear the better


Another example of this yesterday. Needed a new pair of jeans, picked up a few in ‘Burton’ menswear, went to try them on and realised that one pair were ‘skinny’ jeans on the bottom half of the leg and another pair were torn to shreds. What has happened the men of this world?

I don’t know how them floppy haired young fellas wear those skinny jeans. Don’t they have any balls?

The male specimen is gone to fuck Runt. I blame the GAA.



An abomination.

The Runt strikes me as a man who is old before his time

I am old, bitter and afflicted with Small Man Syndrome

I can imagine you’d be the type to wear skinny jeans alright…

I hate the way you can’t get a decent t-shirt these days with adequae sleeve length. Just above the elbow is the most desirable length and it’s very hard to get hold of these today. The Kappa Roma kit is a shining light in this regard, excellent sleeve length. Today’s t-shirts are sadly a hybrid between a vest and a t-shirt.

Couldn’t have put it better myself Totti. These plunging neck, frail material rags are pathetic. Some males wear them with a similar style cardigan. These sort of males deserve to be executed for the good of mankind.

And what about those slip on runners with wafer thin material, imagine walking in the rain or down the fields with those on and trying to avoid getting your socks wet. Anyone who wears them is only a cunt. Here are an example of what i’m talking about:


It’s also virtually impossible to find a decent pair of jeans today which has turned me to purchasing some wonderful cargo trousers, roomy, good fit and casually stylish. I am, however, delighted with the return of the Adidas Originals series which has reunited me with some classy footwear of my youth.

Bang on the money again Dunph. Some of them walk around looking like chefs, you know the black and white chequered ones? If the gimps that wore them spent one day in your fields they’d know all about it.