Club Championships 2017


Cork Junior hurling has truly gone to shite.


Ya haven’t won a thing in an age…


Me personally or the club? We won the county a few years back mate, back when there were still a couple of decent sides in Imokilly. We’ve been knocked out by Fr O’Neills, Aghada and Eire Og since then. Two have been promoted and Eire Og were finalists this year. We are flying it at underage as well.

Imokilly Junior is glorified Junior B with Carrignavar, Lisgoold, Russell Rovers and St. Itas. All old Junior B teams 15-20 years ago. And Imokilly is the strongest division - says it all.


A cork team won it last year


Anyone hear anything about a Cork senior club merging with their junior neighbours.


Talking to a few Nemo lads there – They were embarrassed for Limerick football… A stroll around the park - they left with 15 mins to go it was so bad… Talks of the Munster final being in Limerick.


No ya langer.

I was being sarcastic in relation to the jibes from tipp lads for over rating Cork.

Mayfield are All Ireland Champs sure and only the 2nd tine the champions won’t be from Cork.

Catherines drinking tues-wed-thurs apparently didn’t help much.

Fucking joke they couldn’t hold off a bit. Bigger joke they were forced to play of course. Absolutely no rush with yesterdays game


Munster champions?

That’s not correct. Waterford sides have won a couple in the past few years while Blackrock from Limerick won the All Ireland junior a decade ago.


I am open to correction, i was going on what one of the Mayfield lads mentiined one day, 10 of 12 were Cork wiñners.
Recent Warerford winners alright.

Here it is



Cork have the majority of them as simple numbers dictate when you get to junior level and there are probably more first team adult hurling sides in Cork than the rest of Munster combined.

Themselve and Kilkenny have pretty much owned the junior A/I. Creggan from Antrim won the junior A/I a few years back, think themselves and Blackrock are the only non Kilkenny/Cork sides to win it


Lads on the Limerick GAA thread would nearly have you believing that there is meaningful football in Limerick.


I don’t think a Limerick club have won a Munster club game since 2008 when Drom won Munster.


Mooowailing from Cark won it.
Charleville came very close.


Surely be better to put limerick senior football champs in Munster intermediate.


Well the limerick intermediate champs are already in the final of the Munster intermediate


Last year adare beat cork’s Kiskeam in intermediate club .




They’ll be beat 20 points.


Rory O’Connor was at the launch at Croke Park today. I don’t know if they’re pretending he’s not injured or if he isn’t actually injured at all. Would Cuala care that much either way? I guess he’s a Dublin based student so there was probably a handy fee for it and he’s hardly going to announce he’s definitely out of the game.

He mentions they took a week off before coming back to prepare for this game. I heard they’ve done fuck all since losing the football final. We’ll see what’s what in tomorrow’s Wexford People as Brendan Furlong will have gotten to the bottom of it.


Dr. Crokes (Kerry) will play Nemo Rangers (Cork) in the AIB Munster Senior Club Football Championship Final on Sunday November 26th at 2pm in Pairc Ui Rinn.