Club Championships 2017


They’ll just have to tear down Stade De Frank at the this stage and start again.


Surprising to see the now traditional Munster club football final venue of Mallow overlooked for this.


Very heavy presently


Its nemos/corks game i believe


I think you’re teeing me up for the obvious, here.

But, sure what harm.

Mallow is a marsh presently.


Brendan Furlong with news on Rory O’Connor. It seems they may be tempted to play him despite the diagnosis of a knee injury.


There is absolutely no way Mick Morrissey used those words in conversation with Brendan Furlong.


Are you saying Brendan made up some quotes?


A picture of a Fethard player waving a chair in the air. cc @Gman


Pretty much all of it I’d say.

Undaunted by his Matty Forde exposé,


before he smashed buffs head with it



only copped that there now after I saw it mentioned on Hoganstand. Someone is clearly lying there anyway. He may have had a lot of games in the last 14 weeks, but 20 games? That never happened.

They had 5 league games in hurling, and 1/4 semi and final. 8 games. Same for the football + a replay. 9 games. They played 3 games to win u21. They havent played football yet. So he has had 20 games over the season, beginning back in April, about 30 or more weeks ago. And he didnt play in them all either. Would be interesting to see who actually said that as @appendage alluded to.

Plus, its a bullshit point. players are giving out for games. Then others give out there’s too many games. What the fuck do they want? There was a bit of a crossover on the U21 hurling alright, but that was for 3 games, 2 early August and the final the first week of September. Every other game had a minimum of a week between them. Realistically, the pressure was on from the first week in August, so there would have been 16 games over 15 weeks. Hardly earth shattering stuff considering they got to the county final in all competitions they played in.


Nice article with Dessie Hutchinson ahead of Sunday’s game. What an addition he would be for Ballygunner and potentially even Waterford.


NAP -2 10/11 fill the boots again they will win by 5-6


Good shout pal.


Wayne wasn’t on the 01 panel he was about 15 then


Back then 15 year olds used to tog out


He wasn’t on the panel


PP have the Over Under at 37.5 and Bet365 have it at 42.5 :thinking: