Club Championships 2017


Was that not a square ball?


Moronic keep ball by Nemo punished .


Clutch score


Was that Tomas O Se that fucked it away?


Wonderful pressure kick.


Was Martin involved?


That was a terrific game of football.

There is no better sport.


Yes but he had little options . They have an overlap 30 seconds earlier but kept ball .




Those teams play football like it should be played


That was a second half from the ages. What a game of football. Nemo were outstanding after being second best in the first half but Slaughtneil’s spirit was immense to cling onto them.


Did the Nemo sub foul the ball for their last point? Thought he may have slightly thrown it up before catching it again as he sized up his options ahead of just banging it over the bar.


Seemed to switch hands I thought alright.


I thought Nemo Rangers saved Slaughtneil there to be honest. Slaughtneil had a chance to go 1-12 to 1-11 up but one of the subs dropped it short. Rangers scored to go a point ahead and on the next Slaughtneil attack the same sub had a shooting chance but turned it down and they ended up losing the ball. Nemo Rangers sort of lost the plot in injury time, fell back and gave away two stupid frees and engaged in professional time wasting. But Cillian O’Connor misses those sort of pressure free kicks for fun so it was no gimme for Bradley.


Slaughtneil’s forward play under pressure just isn’t incisive enough.


Nemo pulling away now


Really impressive from Nemo


That wide by McGuigan at 1-13 to 1-12 seems crucial now. Rogers went forward to create the chance and hadn’t gotten back to mark Connolly in time after the wide. Connolly stretched the gap to 2 and Nemo have kicked on again since.


Nemo have deserved it in fairness, fierce impressive performance,


Slaughtneil lost this in the first half - they should have been six or seven points up at half-time.