Club Championships 2017


Kerrigan got no black card ffs !!!


You’d feel for Slaughtneil…unreal effort to be at this stage of the club championships in both codes.


Tomas should be good for a cupla focal.


Slaughtneil should stop bothering with the hurling, it only takes their focus away from the main game.

Tomas O’Se used to have a huge roaster head on him. He looks positively svelte now and looks like Steven Gerrard.

I suppose with the type of stuff Kerry were pumping into their players it’s no surprise he’s slimmed right down since 2013.


I saw Tomas recently and never saw him so conditioned


Is Tomás the first man to play for 2 different clubs in club finals ?? Maybe Thomond college the key ??


I’d say a load of lads have from when the colleges could go past the county championships


Good chance Ray Cummings and Billy Morgan did


Tomas got remarried recently and was on serious diet to look ripped


Lads, I didnt watch all the game, but am I right in saying Tomás O Sé tore the Ulster champions to shreds despite being in his 40’s and reportedly on and off the batter?


By all accounts


He walked all over them.


Was it last years All Ireland Final that Gooch ate the Ulster champions alive, despite being on one knee?


Stop now or Guiseppe from Pomeroy will be in


The GAA stick two fingers up to the rugby brigade.

All-Ireland club final details confirmed: Football - Corofin v Nemo Rangers, 2pm Hurling - Cuala v Na Piarsaigh, 3.45pm


The hurling is the prime game?

cc @thedancingbaby


I presume they’re reckoning the football will be over by half time and no one will bother their holes watching the hurling.


The football boys wanna get home and watch the rubby?


They’ll be no one left watching those townie cunts.


Cummins was St Michaels, never even won a county in football, I’d say he was out of college before they played a final.
Morgan was surely out of college in the sixties?