Club Championships 2017


He won one with Loughmore in 88. Moved as a curate to Clonoulty in the 90s.


Good Kerry senior hurling final in Tralee I am led to believe before a big crowd

ended in a draw - Lixnaw and Ballyduff to meet again

The equalising score came from a sideline cut


Mark Foley training Lixnaw I see


Buff gave a delightful highlights package from it. In the end he was off to do untold to some young wan.


yes Balbec, very well thought of in Lixnaw, he was with them in 2014 when they last won the senior championship


Who did your father play his club football for in Carlow?


She was rough looked like a pikey


Big questions been asked after a draw in the Galway intermediate semi final in tuam yesterday.

Galway star Shane Walsh kicked over a 45 to win the game for Killkerrin clonberne with the last kick of the game only for the ref to blow up for time wasting.he then threw up the ball and before any player touched it blew up for full time…

A lot of talk afterwards about the draw been backed!horrible reffing. Awful decision.


What was Padraig Joyce’s club again?



Joke shop stuff in Galway thus weekend.worst call I’ve seen from a ref in a long time


Oddly close names.


Plenty hassle in cork as well over a number of games. And 1 ref central to it all.

No doubt its happening


Neighbouring parishes too…

I was playing in this game yesterday too and I have to say I’m really pissed off withvthe ref in general…

Fucking jokeshop stuff


Also witnessed a game in Wexford which was dodgy. However, sometimes it’s refs looking after a mates team, rather than what was suggested in that Galway final.


Spit it out. Are you saying match fixing is rife in the gas? I don’t believe you.


There is a huge investigation hapoening as we speak with cork ref. Someone i know well.

He was county oanel and was stood down. I have no real insude details onky the accusations, and tbh it does not look good. Legals involved


6 major games being looked at in Cork.

When you consider alot of refs are greedy bastards looking for a few handy shillings this is not beyond the realms of possibility to be widespread


Me too. Heard the Sars struggled to put Horeswood away in the senior football relegation final until class finally told late on.


Never discount a conspiracy theory when plain aul incompetence can be the issue .


Ya i agree. However this guy was a good ref.

You never know. Hopefully its not so