Club Championships 2017


Few bits of note (fuck off ye cunts) in Laois over the weekend.

Emo won the IFC replay against Portlaoise. They conceded 1-1 in the opening minutes, but stormed back through player manager Paul Lawlor who bagged 2-4 to slay the beast. They return to Senior ranks after a one year absence.

Two absolutely tiny rural clubs picked up titles over the weekend in the IHC and JHC. Ballypickas, a club perhaps known to a few due to a long running high profile boundaries battle that makes the national news every now and then, came from behind to win by a point against Rathdowney/Errils 3rd team to win the JHC. Ballypickas have fuck all of a pick, and stay alive on a whim and a prayer. They brought through a few tidy young hurlers in recent years, and managed to keep them due to an amalgamation at adult level that allows them hurl senior with Ballinakill and still play Junior with their own club, win win for everyone, once there’s no clashes. They’d barely have 20 hurlers, and you’d question how many of that 20 are hurlers, or even fit, but fair fucks to them.

Trumera won the IHC, a club known for being the home of Liam O Neill. They are on the outskirts of Mountrath and there has been many talks of them and Mountrath throwing their lot in together over the years. Anyway, they won the IHC 2 years ago with about 17 players ( match day panel of 22 togged out on Sunday, but 2 were injured and well the others, we’ll say no more), and many of them the wrong side of 30, and some the wrong side of 40. Anyway, they were bet back down, and many thought that’d be the end of it. But they held onto most of them, and went on and won the IHC again this year, beating Rathdowney/Errills second team by a point. 2 years ago they had a father and son, Dylan and Damien Lalor, playing in the full forward line, and they were there again this year, winning another medal starting alongside each other.

Rathdowney/Errill therefore lose two finals in one day, both injury time. Tough on Brandon McGinley especially, he scored 1-2 in the junior and came on as a sub in the intermediate.

To take this back to the start then, to make the story even better for young Dylan Lalor, he won the IFC with Emo Friday night, and the IHC with Trumera on Sunday.


How many of the team are actually from Lismire ???


What parish is Lismire in? How many of those players got a transfer to Kanturk? Id be surprised if you dont know the answer to these questions already mind you.


That’s just fantastic to hear


Never heard about mych robbing up there?


Poor Lismire bastards are playing Junior B because Kanturk poach all of their best players.


Sure that’s the kind of shite the Ballymartle lads come up with to justify their poaching of all the lads from Belgooly.




Lismire is a small village in same parish as Kanturk with a fine GAA field a church and a school. They were decent in 80s but are a junior b hurling club since early 90s.

They have no underage teams in my living memory and the handful of kids in lismire school at any one time have always played underage with Kanturk up to and including 21s. At that point most (maybe 90%) have continued to play with kanturk at adult level without any issue.

Lismire no longer field any teams on their own they are joined with another club at adult level and play as lismire in JBF and as tullylease in JHC.

The mcloughlins are from lismire and a few more. They have always produced great quality but this is by far the most players ever on an adult team that I recall. Normally maybe one or two max.

I wouldnt consider them poached players.

There was one player on the kanturk panel who had transferred from another club


Didn’t Lismire win Junior A Football not long ago?

And Tullylease have a few A hurling i would imagine.

Anyone complaining about those lads who came up along underage are only assholes.

Create your own underage or tough shit


Lismire won a duhallow junior b football last yr, with the tullylease lads joined.

Tullylease won duhallow hurling about 10 years ago id say. But lismire only joined with them last yr

Ah there would be no question of lismire having own underage. They would have got their communion and confirmation with us and id say 6 or 7 per class maybe all that would be in school. Its a tiny place. Deirdre Reilly is from lismire


I was mixing up w/ Lyre.

They are in with Banteer ya?


Yes. Lyre in football and Banteer in hurling but all the one club.


Oh right, so same chairman, meetings, pitches?


Same pitch anyway but its two separate villages with separate national schools churches etc. Not sure about chairman. Works well for them anyway by looks of it


Ya definitely


I know a few older lads from lismire who depise kanturk. Serious bad blood there.


Indeed. A relatively recent development. Starting to soften again I believe


I don’t think it is. Kanturk’s win will only increase the bitterness I would think.