Club Championships 2017


That’s fighting talk Joseph.



Big Dick in trouble up in Monaghan? :thinking:

The Hair Transplant Monitor Thread

Fucking Dublin and Meath semi finals it’s lucky I’ve something slightly better to do at the same time. Can’t beat tee gee caher all the same



It wasn’t Dick, it was his brother


Surprised @myboyblue or even @Bandage haven’t been all over this one


FOTF Gary Walsh’s Ballylinan (who are firmly in the RA) take on Portlaoise in the Laois decider on Sunday. Can we all take the opportunity to wish Gary all the best because his twitter account for the next week will be unrale should they win.


I’ve no idea what you’re referring to, mate. :thinking:


Hi-jinx in the Monaghan junior football championship


The silence from @Chucks_Nwoko says it all


What happened?


I don’t know can the specific allegations be posted in a public forum.

But a player in an ulster county junior final had recently gotten a job done on his hair, some sort of implant / transplant.
It’s alleged that during the game an opposition player deliberately “removed” the transplant. The opposition player may have ended up with a broken jaw shortly afterwards.

A very good before and after photo doing the rounds on social media.


Was that in the ladies final ?


A weavy corner back


Can’t find any of the pictorial evidence online. Could you send a link please, pal?


There will be hell toupee if it gets out .



Who is that?




Guys I’m getting all the facts before commenting.