Club Championships 2017


I’m watching it.
decent game.plenty good football and skill.

Michael Hegarty looks in serious nick for Kilcar.

Referee is a gobshite though. Clearly does not know the rules


I thought eir have the Saturday night lights or is that just county club games ?


Rodgers giving an exhibition of full back play on McBrearty


What timing for the game. Why not have it at 4?


Good pace to this . The much maligned Omagh pitch looking very good @Nembo_Kid


Some block there by McKaigue. Is TG4 still not HD?


4 points in about 2 minutes for Kilcar


Cracker of a game.


Some pace


Some scores. Is the kilcar boss one of the halawas?


He’s one of the Mices’


McBrearty has had some game since I started watching. The Kilcar crowd are well up for it


Slaughtneil struggling on their own kick out .


All the McHugh’s have some pace


The Derry men applying a bit of pressure now


Game over


An unbelievable last 5 minutes from Slaughtneil, have just obliterated Kilcar.


Theie last 3 scores were unrale


They’re a lovely stylish team, McKaigue is some player. Chrissy and Karl but especially Chrissy.


Slaughtniel are on a different level at the minute