Club Championships 2017


So you’re going now? You must be confident!


12 noon :laughing:


It would be a big scalp to beat an Intermediate team from a hurling stronghold like Wexford, in their backyard


Junior pal. They branded it intermediate A to appease the relegated teams. Only the second team from wexford to make the final in 15 years, kilkenny teams making the final every year winning 12. I think we win the poor mouth. Enjoy the day either way!


Fair play @Gman, great win for ye in the end. Didn’t go for a finish, gave the ticket to someone else.


Leinster champions! Great stuff!


Buff feeling sorry for the Lockes, Junior v Intermediate he said…


Fair play. All I heard was that the better team won. Ye’re out in London next I believe. Good luck with the rest of the campaign.


You’d forgive him for the confusion, if it wasn’t for the wexford intermediate final being on right after that game!

Yeah by far the better side. I think the Locke’s only scored 1-3 from play. And despite getting so many frees some of the crowd gave unreal abuse to the ref after. One aul lad was calling me a prick and a bollix coz the ref won us the game! Some yoke. The Locke’s fellas behind me at the game were gentlemen tho. Decent sorts. The red card for the Locke’s corner back was ridiculous. It was a foul, but never a yellow which was his second. Didn’t affect the game, but still.

Our midfield had a field day. Destroyed your boys all through. It was clear as day, but no change or altering of tactics. The 2 lads, with the centre forward and centre back cleaned up on puck outs and clearances. A goal for the Locke’s from a most dubious free at the death put a bit of gloss on the final score.

Onto London now. A win in the first round was a bonus, here on out is just icing on the cake.


Bally bacon will sort you good and proper


Is Garrett Foley good enough to be in a Wexford squad @gman?


On form, he can be excellent. For some reason tho he has only ever been played as a corner back with the county set up. This year will have helped his cause in making a claim for a spot


Would Fethard be seen as a traditional football area ?? Where would Fethard folk go to secondary school in the main ?


Christ the king, St. Marys, St. Endas, St. Josephs and the Sisters of Mercy.


Pray for us.


Pearses are a very good outfit. They’re also quite physical and like to lower the blade early. If you stop their centre back from hurling you’ll go a long way to beating them.


Yeah would traditionally be seen as football, but would probably play more hurling, you could say to a detriment as it is a very small population and the crossover is nearly 100%. In their only senior football win, they got to senior hurling semi final the same year. They have got to 3 premier minor football finals in last 6 years, and in the same years as that, got to one final and 2 semis of premier hurling.

Ramsgrange and Good Counsel would be the 2 main schools for attendance. Sporting wise there is a huge gulf between those 2.


What position has Garrett Foley been playing this season?


Mid field. Been there more often than not in hurling the last few years.


Lads Slaughtneil vs Kilcar is on TG4 now.

Maybe I was the only one who didn’t realise this was on live