Club Championships 2018

Jude’s got the rub of the relic

Some shocking twitter handles there.

Has the football changed format? Thought it was pretty much a knockout comp in Dublin?

Changed this year. Split into A and B and also round robin. Davis held up proceedings as they objected to being put in the B.

Two through? crokes amd boden group looks horrendous…rahemy must be coming with a team? And plunketts could beat anyone on a given day?

Yeah two from each. Raheny bit to go yet - in Div 2. Plunketts are fading. It’ll be Boden and Crokes.

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Think it will be crokes who win it our this year

Look to be still a bit away. Outside Mannion their two best forwards are Vaughan and Burke. Ballymun had 6 start for Dublin last week - they really need to get finger out and should be winning.

Don’t seem to play as a team at all though. .heard there was unrest between some of their dub players before county final…na fianna have to be near it too at this stage?

Connolly failed to show for Vincents tonight.

Any of the Dublin mafia willing to confirm the rumours? Poor oul Diarmo

@Spidey @binkybarnes

Id like to be able but in the dark as much as anyone else. Doubt he’ll play club or county this year at this stage. Sure we have Brian Howard now

Who was it on here that spread that ‘rumor’?

I saw nothing about it on here. A friend of mine in Dublin told me something. I wouldn’t repeat it

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Wise move. You wouldn’t want Hanahoe and Assoc sniffing around you.

The rumours are gettimg another layer every week…literally started as one rumour which then led to this happening which then led to something else happening …

I’ve heard a pile of rumours and have no idea if any of them are true. I did hear from some Vincent’s friends that Connolly was never going to play yesterday so its not a case of him not showing up.

That is correct. They knew he wasnt playing when they named him.

They named him to shame him

Crokes well on top here. Presume Ballymun won?