Club Championships 2018


To be fair they know the rules as well as the men there . The women who go to rugby are equally as ignorant of the rules of rugby as 90 % of the men present . Most women in Ireland would be afraid to go to a soccer match .


Are you new to the internet?


Aah, you’ve heard of Clonaslee?



The toothfairy one was never a teammate. But the one of an intercounty teammate pulling faces and showing gums, well thats bad taste. Laois hurling will cease to exist in less time than we anticipated it happening. Eddie Brennan would do well to fuck off now.


Oh mother of gawd. :smile:


Are Eir Sport going to be covering any more club games? They showed a few in April and that’s it.

Poor choice from TG4 this week showing Roscommon football live and Cork Hurling deferred.




Saw something very similar in a video of a Limerick club football game recently


Did the fella in the football game angle the hurl and twist it when it was through the helmet? Sounds nasty.


it was an accident. Instintive reaction
If you weretrying to do it you’d struggle to do it.

The anti-Camross agenda is strong with you, Nearly as bad as the cunt that edits the GAA on sportsJoe


Yeah I’m with you on this one too. Yer man doing the flaking should have been sent off alright, fucking mental winding up with the hurl, nearly taking out his own lads too. But yer man King ran in at speed to give him a dunt then and in the act of stopping him, got caught. At that speed, he’d do pretty fucking well to be able to angle his hurl and twist it into Kings faceguard to take his teeth out. The cunt seems like he is only good for timbering, such intricate skill with the hurl like that seems beyond him.

Far from a cowardly belt to King either, King got a belt because he was running at him to showlder him out of it. yer man stopped him. Thats not cowardly. Sounds like he was acting the prick after, but thats a different matter.


Throw up a link there mate


Very possible, I didnt see the video of the football game to know for sure.


That was a county final :smile:


Jaysus ye Ballysteen lads are gone soft. It must be the Askeaton lads infilltrating.

The days when the likes of Anthony Moran was playing there would be no letter going to the county board. Ye would have sorted it put on the day or the next day at worst. Cc @TreatyStones



Keep going you’ll get a bite eventually I’m sure.


And you can sing that . The old Ballysteen teams would have administered summary justice to the whole of Ballylanders .


The secretary out in Ballysteen must be a blow in and done a solo run with the letter. Its the only explanation I can come up with. That or the dust from Aughinish is softening them up.


The are all coke addicts now.