Club Championships 2018


Fagan wants to go back to a time when every second lad you met on hurling field had 3 teeth missing and a couple of scars on his head combined with a handful fingers pointing in opposite directions to each other.

Basically the kind of lad you’d find in East Kildare of a normal day.


Dessie O Leary. Referee. Harmless poor divil.


That’s the chap. Lay Lay Barry.


Did me no harm.


Hardly did you any good either


Character building.


You pucked a bit of a ball in Dublin , Fagan I gather

how would it equate viz a vis your native land when it comes to the bit of rumpus, argy bargy etc?


Mount Leinster Rangers v St Mullins in the Carlow Hurling Final on Sunday. Violence and shameful scenes almost always guaranteed there. Its been sanitized a bit as well though in recent years. There were four sent off in the final two years ago. Two were straight red card offenses in any era, but the other two wouldn’t have warranted a booking 20 years ago.


It was pitiful by comparison


less now in my opinion and less vicious in nature

from my youth I can recall adult match brawls where lads were viciously swinging hurls , nowadays it more pushing, shoving, shouldering, shaping , helmet pulling and lads hoping someone will hold them back before they get into a right flaking match though no doubt still the odd vicious swipe

the urge to film all this stuff on camera phones has gone too far bit like everyday life, any such devices should be confiscated at the gate


Or yknow, lads could simply stop acting like tramps


I was thinking this the weekend . The wholesale filming of the fights at the McGregor fight was gas .


feck it Fagan, a few edgy gritty outfits on the Dublin scene


yes they could but this filming this that and the other has gone a way ott

go and watch the fucking match, talk about what happened after and don’t feel the urge to be filming and sending it all over the country thinking you are a great lad cos you caught the bit of rumpus on your super duper phone.

some lad might throw a bit of a box to protect himself and next thing someone is sending it all over the country with perhaps not the full context of it caught on camera

if they are that concerned about the melee, send a copy to the county board, not to very whats app group going


A very long winded way of saying ‘you’re right MBB’.


Dynamic has changed a lot in Dublin hurling. County championship now dominated by the middle class super clubs like Kilmacud Crokes, Ballyboden and Cuala. Traditional more blue collar hurling clubs like O’Tooles, Craobh Chiaran, Crumlin, Vincents and the culchies in Faughs haven’t been at the races in years.


you seem intent on getting recognition on being on the right side of the debate


you left out a few blue collars there!

Vincents should have beaten Ballyboden last weekend, should have put on Dermo Connolly on after ht and they might just have

Faughs are gone back up Senior A I hear, got promoted last weekend


Your sport is riddled with thugs


Why does stick hurling attract the vilest, most uncouth women in Ireland to its games? That whole video is one long embarrassment.