Club Championships 2018


Hope Ballygunner see the job through now. Some decent lads involved down there.


Welldone ballygunner


Fair play to Ballygunner they fairly walked all over us unlucky 13th game in Munster.


NAP just launched balls down on top of ballygunnar for the whole game. Madness.
Fair play to ballygunnar, they were deserving winners


Arrogant cunts, no harm they we’re bayte.


Fuck them


Everybody in Ballygunner was quietly confident they’d win it. Kept the head down, said nothing and let the Limerick latte drinkers do all the talking.


Absolute robbery by this wexford ref. As bad as ive seen


What’s happening there?


A woeful game.


Sure that bod fella said its all about the county anyway.:grin::grin::grin:


Good news for the county team, full panel available for the league for only the second time since 2012.


Well deserved for the Gunners. Lots of middle class looking types in the crowd there


The better team, by far, won. Nap were stone useless. Peter Casey and Adrian Breen did nothing, Downes shag all after the goal.

Too late for the lads to join the session in Boston?


You’re just an unmitigated arsehole. Edgy Harry.

A typical Tipp cunt sneering. Where were you when clonoulty were getting annihilated.

Fair neck on YOU to be calling someone a weasel.


Has Grimes been back training long? His touch was way off today.

Na Piarsaigh bar a few just weren’t at the races though, but the disappointing thing is the way they started to panic. Disappointing for them but from a county perspective, it mightn’t be any harm. Certainly won’t do their county players’ chances any harm being available for the league.


The Na pairsigh squad were hit with a very serious stomach bug before the game against the tipp crowd but seemed to be more effected today by it. Very flat.


You should know his form by now.


If you read back you’ll see I predicted an Turkey Shoot you simple cunt. Keep up.


Sour cunt