Club Championships 2018


Two things. And this is hard to believe, paul ryan was awarded a point where the umpire nearest watched the ball go wide then pointed at the ground where he had left a ball for the puck out. He had been doing this all game. The other umpire saw him point at something and waved the white flag, and it was recorded, the coolderry players were going apopleptic, dub match tracker said it was a mile wide.

At the end, he played 5+ minutes, but let boden away with two throws and a few fouls, the second they drove it up, the boden lad gathered it, was going nowhere but got given a free


Coolderry robbed by the bullshit gaa mantra of give the other team a chance of a draw. Where did the additional time come from ffs?


The good of the County is no fucking good to the goys sobbing into their Lattes this evening lads.




Try reading topics there like a good ladeen.


Late goal for Brian Carroll? Some operator.


Some game


Only a good game when ye win


Incorrect - The AI wasnt a great game.


It was :joy:


Good game this, Cross look wide open at the back.


O’Baoill is destroying them in the middle.


Ref has boden backed here. The frees he’s giving in extra time. Just pure robbery overall.


Dowling won’t make the LK panel on today’s efforts. His frame and excess muscle is just not IC standard.
Couldn’t move today, he needs to work on his upkeep.


What’s up Donal, have you ran out of weed or what? :laughing:


Cross are too direct for their own good. When the ball gets intercepted Gweedore are breaking at speed and creating chances.

Rian O’Neill has hit a number of bad wides.


I couldn’t get over the shape Dowling was in for Galway game. As fit as a fiddle. Didn’t look anywhere near that today but I guess given the few months they’ve had it’s understandable.




Ah sure they’ve won four of them, they’ll probably get over it.


Ah yeah, they’ve had a great run.