Club Championships 2018


Won the under 21 in Kilkenny this year in spite of some internal issues over players in the club. Have a serious crop coming up from 15 to 19 now too, so seems like the natural replacement cycle will happen for them



How many all irelands have waterford clubs won again pal? And munster clubs in the past 20 years for that matter?


They seem to produce a great crop every 10 or so years that drive the club to an awful lot of success .


And what has that got to do with anything? How many would Galway clubs have won if they had to play a provincial championship?


Their number wouldn’t be in any way affected if they had to play in leinster if they had to play birr/kikenny teams then maybe. You called ballygunner one of the big two left. Based on what exactly?



Ah lads, the boys are going mental above in Donegal

Shite in a bucket :smile:


Hon ta Fuck :smile: :clap:


Isn’t that the captain tweeting that to Corofin?! :smile:


Ah fuck it if it is. They don’t give a bollocks :pint: :clap:


Jim knew


A great bunch of lads. You should listen to Woolies live phone call with them on his podcast on Monday, absolutely lashed out of it in Cassidys pub in the middle of the day, outstanding :rofl:


What Club is all about :clap:


McNiallais going on about the plan for the week

We’ll drink today, maybe tomorrow, then it’s Thursday and you’d have to keep going then :sweat_smile:



Fuck, twud be great if they win it out.


From 13 mins


A proper club.


And he only finding out McGee was sent off when Parkinson let him know. Great craic.


I’d forgotten that :laughing: